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You don’t have to be wealthy to buy us a coffee 😅

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No no, I mean if not enough people donate. I already did! Crossing my fingers. I will again, and I've spread the word, but I can't do it alone unfortunately or I would. 


Awwww thanks a bunch 🥰 You’re a real sweetheart ❤️ We’ll do our best to get this out too 😊

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Okay, well now I have a question. I made another donation on ko-fi, and noticed the rewards were updated. I already donated once prior like I said at a lower amount and so I simply added on extra to raise the total to the level I wanted. I was wondering if it matters that the donations were split? I did use the same email. 


Thanks so much! Yeah as long as you use the same email, we’ll be able to tell 😊