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Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry that happened! I hope for your sake the smoothest road possible in reattaining lost ground. No pressure at all.

Is this game still being worked on? I'm asking because the tumblr was deleted when I tried to follow the link.

Does this game have an ending or was it cancelled before one was made?

It's still considered fraud what she did, online or no. People who ran kickstarters and then tried to disappear have been prosecuted before; however, it's people who had way way more money invested in them and therefore were actually prioritized as having pulled a massive scam. It's unlikely anything will ever happen to Agashi.  

Agashi actually posted that bug report thread 5 years ago. The last response to it was a year ago which is why it says one year, but it wasn't posted then. She's been AWOL for years and at this point is highly unlikely to reappear. 

It literally says it is inspired by Reigns guys, they know. It's still new content. Like fanfiction but a whole game.

Does anyone know if this is now a finished game? 

Do you know what the price will be when this is finished by chance? I'd like to add it to the correct category in my collections. It looks so fantastic, so definitely keeping an eye on this one! 

The art is so pretty! I could buy a whole book of just that. ^_^

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No need to apologize! Best wishes to you and the artist; I'm sorry to hear that. Happy to wait and cheer you on as long as necessary, health definitely comes first! I wanted to ask so I could know to keep an eye on this because I just came across it. :D 

Is this a complete game or a work in progress? It looks quite promising! I just want to add it to the right collection. :D

Is this still in the works? I don't mean to pressure anyone, it's perfectly understandable and fine if not. I am just curious to know since it sounds good. :)

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Okay, well now I have a question. I made another donation on ko-fi, and noticed the rewards were updated. I already donated once prior like I said at a lower amount and so I simply added on extra to raise the total to the level I wanted. I was wondering if it matters that the donations were split? I did use the same email. 

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LGBT tags are to help people interested in mainly LGBT content or romances (of which there are none here because this selection has only GxB options for the player) to find suitable games. Not to help whiny homophobes avoid having to see the smallest mention of bisexual men.

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First off, how is a past relationship a problem for feeling secure in a current relationship? You think every guy you ever meet should have been eternally, completely unattached and should never have experienced attraction before meeting you or they can't love you? That's pretty weird and insecure to be that controlling over someone's romantic history.

Second of all, I don't know if you got the memo, but otome games are games that largely target any woman who wants to read GxB or mostly GxB romances. The men's sexualities, so long as they are interested in women, have literally nothing to do with whether it's an otome or not because characters do not have to be heterosexual to be in a GxB romance. You're just being illogically biphobic and trying to justify it as a preference supported by the genre when it's not. Even if otome were specifically for straight women, which they're not, straight women don't become suddenly not straight by romancing bi men. Give me a break.

Lastly, GL and BL romance games can and do include all kinds of sexualities and genders too. You can't whine about one otome game and then point to a hypothetical situation in different genres which you have backed up with zero evidence or context as proof that you're being victimized because someone wrote something that wasn't about you. If the game has majority GxB, BxB or GxG romances for the player to engage in, it is Otome, BL or GL respectively. Nothing else is relevant to genre definition. It's up to the author and what they want to include. No one has robbed anything from the otome audience by not catering to solely your tastes always. Stop being entitled.

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No no, I mean if not enough people donate. I already did! Crossing my fingers. I will again, and I've spread the word, but I can't do it alone unfortunately or I would. 

Aw dammit, why can't I be wealthy? 😅I'm gonna miss out on this and be so salty, lol. 

Unfortunately, they seem to be giving out refunds on the kickstarter as of May 24th, although the post was for backers only so I couldn't read it if there was an explanation. I'd say the project is abandoned.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like this game is being made in English either. The creator has been gone for almost 3 years. 

Did you ever get your rewards?

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I went on her lemmasoft page the other day ago and it said the last time she'd been on was October of last year. So I think she's been lurking around even still. 

I make rules of not playing demos of games that look too fantastic for words because I don't want to hurt my heart when I then have to wait for the full game to come out. And because, honestly, I have been let down too many times when projects get cancelled. For the same reason, I don't usually back games on kickstarter. However, because I believe in and love this concept so much, and because you all clearly have so much extraordinary talent and heart poured into this game, I went ahead and supported the kickstarter. I'm really rooting for you. :) I hope saying all that doesn't put pressure or anything though!

I was talking about this case with a friend earlier, and we had a theory what may have happened. Agashi seems to have experienced some sort of personal issue that was serious enough to cause her to go on a massive hiatus, but why the radio silence? She had sometimes gone long stretches without an update, but always came back before. Queen's Crown appeared to have real  work done on it, a lot of work at that, so if the end goal were always scamming people, that was quite a long game to play. It was proven she was online many, many times and perhaps even lurking in the forums reading comments; she could have easily wrote a quick message. Her family said she was okay, just struggling. There should be no reason she hasn't come forward to say *something,* even if that something is merely "I can't work on this for a long time." However, if the personal issue were somehow financial and she felt the only way out of it was using money she got from the kickstarter, then obviously, that wouldn't be something she could admit. Moreover, it would successfully prevent her from completing the game any time soon if ever. 

I think the creator was a woman and the questionable articles that pop up about that name are in regards to a man if they're the ones with the homicide? So I dunno, doesn't seem like anything more than a somewhat bizarre coincidence.