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Hello, WaverlyAlexa

Apologies for the wait, the files are uploading now and, according to Dropbox, should be done in about two hours.

I discovered a problem in the final round of testing - basically the secret route was so secret that no one could access it, not even me >_>

So it took a while for me to work out why that was happening and fix it. 

Sorry to you and everyone else for the delay. 

Once the game is published, I'll be going to bed (it's like 2am here now), but if anyone has any problems please post them here or email - I'll be be back bright and early tomorrow . ^_^

Thank you and sorry if I seemed impatient! I am just excited. We appreciate all the hard work! Have a good nights sleep! You definitely deserve it :)


No, it's really nice people are keen to play it.  I wish Dropbox would hurry up - I am writing the romance guide to pass the time, but I want to go to bed, lol.

Well, I've never developed a game but I would say the hardest part is over for this one. Now we're all just waiting together lol. Can you take a quick 30 minute nap or would that fail miserably?