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I'm glad you gave your amazing game a new home on, because I hope that many people might find their way to it on here! While it's a serious game in the sense of its theme (net neutrality), you managed to implement a "Papers, Please"-like in a wonderfully designed setting. All the pixel portraits of the customers are just gorgeous! That's why this game was one of my absolute favorites of the Global Game Jam 2018, so I felt the urge to write a recommendation article about it as well as creating a little gameplay video of it. :) Thanks for your amazing game, I hope your future projects will go as well as this one! <3

Best wishes,

Hi Sebastian,

We are glad you enjoyed the game! Thank you so much for featuring Packets Please and making the video! We love finding new and interesting game jam games to play through your feed :D

And I'm always glad when I find a new one of you! :D You're making great stuff and I can't wait for new jam entries. <3