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I really liked the whole horde of minions concept. The current minion types are nice and diverse adn I hope that other types will follow suit. One complaint I do have thouhg is how the minions dont like to stay together. I think they should all still move about semi-independently but I think they should stick together allot more then they currently do. Maybe even add a button to call them all together. But never the less I still enjoyed this game and would definetly reccommend cheking it out. 

Hey thanks so much for your feedback. We're for sure gonna try and make the horde of minions feel better as the development goes along. At the moment we're focusing on making more levels, the UI, and the real bosses ;) . Glad to hear you liked it.

No problem about the feedback. Nice to see you focused on more content and some issues. I hope the development of this game goes well!