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Mutant Gamer

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I really enjoyed this game. Took me a bit od time to figure out how jeverything worked but when I figured it out I had allot of fun. I didn't run into any bugs, which doesn't normaly happen when playing indie games, so that's a plus. And I would definetly recommend this game to friends. 

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This game was surprisingly really fun. The weirdness adds to the creepyness of the game and I would definetly reccomend this to anyone who wants to play something strange. Here's a link to my video if you want to watch some gameplay before you download the game:

Thanks for replying. Maybe you could have different difficulty settings. So people like me can enjoy the game while still not being very good, but other people who find that too easy could increase the difficulty setting for more of a challenge tailored for them.

Even though I was terrible at the game, I still enjoyed it. It ran well and I didn't have any bugs (which is something I don't usally see in a indie game). I would definetly reccomend to a friend! 

No problem, glad I could help!

This was a really fun but challenging game. I loved the art style and I think this is something great. One thing I have to complain about is that you have to exit then re launch the game to try again, which was a bit annoying. But nether the less I had allot of fun playing the game and I would definetly recommend to a friend. 

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A really fun arcade game. Didn't know what to expect but I actually had allot of fun. I know this was for a game jam so you had time restrictions but the only thing I would have liked was music in the background. Apart from that this was a great game! 

Created a new topic My Video on your game

Here's a link to the video I made on your game. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed the game. When I first saw this I was a bit sceptical but I really enjoyed it and I think that the full game has potential to be amazing. 

Suggestions on how to improve the game:

One thing that I found annoying was the tutorial guy and the fact that you can't go away from him. I know this is so you can focus on the tutorial but I almost got stuck a couple of times because of how fast he was moving away from me. So if you coud maybe do something about that I would greatly appreciate it and I think it would improve the user friendlyness of the game. Never the less I still enjoyed the game and I can't wait to play the full game! 

The Video:

A really fun little game, I didn't expect much from this game but it was actually really fun. I don't normally play these types of games but I thought I'd try something new, and it payed off. Would love to see much more in the full release!

I will! ;)

Here's my final video until the game gets updated. If I'm going to be honest, I thought that this game wasn't going to be much. I thought it would be a simple racer with a really hard to use editor. And I couldn't have been more wrong. This is one of the best games I've ever found. Its been so fun, the editor is amazing and each race feels fun and different. I can't wait for the full release of the game. And I hope all goes well for you.

I'm so sorry about the spam of about 8 comments saying the same thing. I tried to post one and it said that the servers where down and I should try again later. So I kept trying and it said the same thing. I checked later on to try again and saw that It had posted the same comment like 8 times. I didn't mean to do it, my phone was just being a dick!

Here's my second video on this game. I still had so much fun but I did also learn that I'm not ready for the hard difficulty. I've got my third and last (until the game gets updated) video coming up soon. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for replying, I can't wait for the next video (and maybe a third ;))

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I've just uploaded a video on this game and I must say, IT'S AWESOME! It honestly feels like something a AAA developer would make. I had so much fun so I've recorded a second video and that will be uploaded on the 20th of April. I only had one problem and thats that I got stuck because I drove into a wall and I couldn't reverse or respawn. So I'd suggest for you to add a respawn button. But it still doesn't change the fact that this is an amazing game. And sorry that I said the game is on GameJolt, I've put it in the description that it's on itch.io in bold with a link. Keep up the great work!

Sorry that my voice is really quiet, It's been fixed for the next video

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Here's my third video on this game. I still think it's a great game but I still belive that one star should be easy to get! I know I'm bad at the game, and I know some other people are as well but it doesn't matter. You should get one star by just completeing the level. You should get 2 stars for what one star is now (or maybe a little quicker). And you should get 3 stars for completeing the level as fast as it is possible. That would make the game make more sense and in my opinion draw more people to the game; instead of pushing them away because there's a level they can't complete.

But anyway, I still had fun and I can't wait for the full game and I hope you take on board what I've said.

Here's my second video on this game. I don't know why I waited so long to do another video but here it is:

A really fun little game. It really has potential and I hope that more people find out about it. Here's my gameplay:

Overall, a really fun game (eventhough I was terrible). And I think it really has potential. Here's my gameplay:

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I had so much fun playing and recording this game. It really has potential with it's great concept and mechanic's. The only problem is the bugs that mean that you can't progress the level because you're stuck. But appart from that it's a great game and I would definitely recommend it! You can watch my gameplay/commentary here:

Overall, a really great and funny game. My only complaint is the painting level because you had to get it at an exact angle and hold it there for it to work (which took me a while to do). You can watch my gameplay video here: