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Hey, I'm glad to hear you're taking a bit of a break on AWOO!

It's really important to take care of yourself. I love AWOO's demo and I'm sure I'll love the final release too, but it's not worth it to have it earlier if it comes at the expense of your health.

it's obvious y'all have been putting a TON of work into this game. The demo alone is bigger than a lot of indie VNs I've played. And the scope of the final game… five routes, ten endings, 70 CGs, two modes? That'd be a lot of work even for a large, paid team with multiple writers, artists and musicians, and you're working almost for free with just a group of three. It's completely understandable for you to prioritize getting outside funding. We all need to eat, after all.

Also, just to be clear, of COURSE the final product will end up being enjoyable. The demo is already so full of heart, and whenever any of you talk about the game it's clear how much thought and love is being put into it. Waiting a little longer isn't going to change any of that, and even if you end up needing to put an actual hiatus on this at some point, that'd be perfectly valid.

Good luck with everything!


Thanks for this reply -- speaking strictly for myself, it's already a huge load off my shoulders to be able to take this step back, and I know it'll only mean great things for the project's health and quality levels overall.

I'm also really glad to know the amount of work we do comes through, haha! It can feel a little difficult to not want to add more features and content, especially when something's been in production for as long as AWOO has and the areas we're working on tend to be slower ones, but we're making sure that the core content is as strong as it can be first. And it's great to hear that our love for the project comes through! We're all pretty passionate about it; DCS and Nat's ability to keep on trucking as best as they can is a huge part of what makes working on it as great as it is.

Basically, thanks so much for your understanding, haha! It's nice to know familiar faces that I've seen be excited about this project over its lifetime are willing to wait, so it means a lot to me that you commented. We'll keep doing our best over here with your support!