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As I recall, I removed the scrolling feature for aesthetic reasons -- I didn't realize that'd break the game on some browsers, sorry about that! It should be all fixed now.

NICE. Nice nice nice. Sutoro best boy

I like to think they're very thin and cheap dress pants, hehe. Thanks for playing!

Here's a hint, if you're interested:
One of Lottie's outfits is already quite warm, but if she changed her top to something thicker, I think she'd be really baking!

Hi Vignett, I'm too busy working on other games right now to start working on a new translation but thank you for the offer!

Thanks! But you'd actually have to follow me on twitter (@little_rattus), as doesn't have private messaging.

Hi Aurore, thanks for the offer! Should I contact you on twitter? I think your DMs are set to followers only so you would have to follow me first ^^

You can click the blue words!

Thanks for the offer, that's very generous! I'd want to make some small changes to the game first, but I'd be happy to contact you afterwards.

I've never considered calling Mr. Bear "serious bear" but it works very well, haha! I'll keep that in mind.

Thank you for playing!

Thank you so much for the LP (and for linking me in the video description!)

No horror here, only flowers ;)

I had such a fun time with this! Everyone has such a strong personality, and the game is just, so stylish?! The UI adds so much to the overall feel! And the voices are an excellent touch. 

I went in expecting to be super into Yves (and I was), but by the time I was done I really fell in love with all of the characters.  Playing this put me in a great mood. c:

You're welcome, thank you for playing!!

Thank you!! I love Mr. Hare too, he's very passionate...! 

I had a lot of fun with the animation and sound, I'm glad you enjoyed it!!!

Thank you!!! I hope you enjoy it! c:

This game is already fantastic, I'm sure it'll be even better in the future!

I ran into an bug in the peninsula level where when I tried to place the solar building and a solid beam of light showed up that wouldn't go away, but no building. It wouldn't activate my desiccator. I'd successfully activated that desiccator earlier and then undid the action, I don't know if that's related.

I tried exiting and re-entering, placed the building again, and had the same issue. This time I quit with the broken building still there, re-entered again and the game wouldn't load, couldn't get past the "generating buildings" screen. 

The game did work when I re-generated the level, but it's pretty frustrating to lose progress to a bug like that. 

I'd really love to have a manual checkpoint/save slot function to help avoid situations like that, as well as an indicator for what phase II areas I'll be expected to make in a level, so I can plan ahead.

Also, as-is the port system feels pretty useless to me, seeing as you ultimately have to destroy the port buildings with beacons. The port is more satisfying to use, but if I need beacons in the end anyways, it feels like a waste of resources, unless I'm missing something. 

Still, what a beautiful, unique and satisfying game!

Hey, this was cool! Temp seems like a real handful, lol. And I liked what I saw of the world so far! Hope everyone succeeds on their mission.

If you have the time to look at them, here's some minor issues I noticed:
- if you fail on the dive, you can't go on a second dive even after talking to everyone, the speech bubble over the mechs doesn't do anything
- would be nice to be able to choose between mouse and keyboard options, sometimes I had my mouse on the edge of the window by mistake when I was trying to use keyboard 
- full screen doesn't work very well: it doesn't center the window, usually caused keyboard to stop working, and sometimes no inputs would work (maybe just remove the fullscreen option?)

The second and third points are more "things it'd be nice to have", but if you had an alternate ending/more dialogue variation for having to retry the dive, it's a shame it's inaccessible! 

Great little game. Fun concept, stylish execution.

I would love if it was possible to adjust scroll speed/sensitivity - I was trying to play with touchpad at first but the minimum scroll speed on that was too high to be able to scroll to the play button (I could only exit).

My mouse also has a fast scroll wheel by default and I had to adjust it for the game to be playable, even when I was scrolling as slowly as I could on it. (I heard the "can't scroll any further" sound effect a LOT - would love to be able to turn it off, as I can tell visually when something can't be resized anymore!)

The actual gameplay is lovely, these are just little QoL things that would be nice to see.

Excellent game -- and the sequel story is excellent too!  

A lot of people have already mentioned that the game has a great depiction of mental illness, so I want to highlight something else: it's not mentioned much in-game, but in the sequel story One Year Later, there's some really interesting exploration of Alejandra's family, including discussions of cultural /immigrant identity and the frustrations (and joys) of being different from your parents, but different from those around you too. 

There's some great stuff in the art collection, too! Definitely worth your money.

Super cool, I don't think I've seen a sci-fi yuri game before. I like the concept a lot, and the communication system is really interesting. The colour scheme looks fantastic, really sells the whole “alien” thing.

(Vague Spoilers:
I liked the twist in the true ending! I could guess what the experiments were for but I didn't realize what effect they'd already had. I wonder what exactly Aari experienced and what she lost.)

Two small text issues I noticed: “I can hear voices filtering in from the nurtrient room” (rather than “nutrient”) and “Aari smiles” being in quotation marks rather than narration.

Also, I didn't realize the game had any sound, and my volume was turned up pretty high, so the door noise scared the heck out of me, lol. Maybe if there were menu noises or there was a quick note about it I wouldn't have been so surprised, just thought I'd let you know.

Wonderful! I'm such a sucker for fantasy drama, especially queer fantasy drama, and this definitely delivers. I love the world-building, feels very natural, and makes me feel like there's much more to the story than I've gotten to see so far. The sprites are very expressive, and I especially love the subtle changes in Sigurn's face.

On a queer note, I really appreciate the slight uncertainty Sigurn and Thistle have about Thistle's identity, without any suggestion that this uncertainty invalidates their gender(s or lack thereof?). It's good to see people given the space to just be.

So overall, a great experience. Also, although I don't need the accessibility features myself, it's great that you've included them. What a place to end the demo, though?!! My heart....!! That's certainly one way to make sure I'll be waiting for updates, haha.

(Side note: It might be worth adding alcohol use or drunkenness to the content warnings, just in case. Even though it's not alcohol abuse, some folks might still appreciate a heads-up that it's there.

Also, sorry if this comment shows up more than once, I had trouble making it post.)

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Ah, yes ^^;  I definitely wanted this game to have art and music, but I'd never done a VN before and didn't feel ready to figure one out in September -- I'm glad I got to flesh this out more!

Thanks for telling me about that issue, it should be fixed now!

makes me nostalgic for newgrounds, which is a nice feeling

Haha yeah, like, some pretty intense stuff happens, but I don't think it felt impossible or unrealistic

I'm glad you decided to go with what felt natural, it works really well! In fact, I think Adrien's romantic ending feels stronger because in comparison to the other routes you can tell that Ellis and Adrien have actual chemistry lol

And tbh I don't remember anything off the top of my head and I don't think I have the patience to go back through the script to pick up typos haha,, But I'll keep in mind that you're someone who appreciates having those pointed out to you for future reference!

This was wonderful to play! It's been a while since I've played a VN that felt so firmly rooted in the real world as well as the problems that exist in it, and that dealt with them realistically without being tragic (it made me think back to Butterfly Soup, which was also a great experience).

I really, really love how friendship and romance were handled in this game (especially as an aromantic person, but just in general, too!) Dante and Chester's routes didn't feel any lesser for not involving kissing – in fact I appreciate that neither of them were thrown straight into a romantic "good ending" that would probably be way too fast considering how much else is going on in their lives, even if the interest was there. (I can totally see Chester awkwardly confessing to Ellis at some point, though. It would be pretty cute.)

I also love that it's a valid choice to end Adrien's route in friendship – of course, I would have loved for that ending to have a unique CG, but I realize that would have been a considerable amount of extra work. There were also a few typos in the script and it was a bit jarring that the title screen didn't have music (especially when music is used so well everywhere else), but those are small issues! I'm already impressed with how polished everything is when this is only your first game.

I'm looking forward to seeing the development PDF, and to any future games you make!

a really lovely game.  i've done a lot of work this year trying to reconnect with people i've grown distant from -- it's scary sometimes, but this game was a reminder of how rewarding it can be, too. i really liked the way you have to click line by line to write your letter, but it takes a separate button to send -- it's a simple design that encourages thoughtfulness. i'm happy i played!

This is a powerful story, but it is also an incredibly intense game -- I think it could definitely use more specific content warnings than it has for anti-trans harassment and violence, as well as for its very vivid depiction of anxiety.

wonderful. excellent use of colour

thanks!! ghostie is doing their best

i've never actually watched/read moomin but i've always loved the designs, so i'm quite flattered! ^^


Hey, I'm glad to hear you're taking a bit of a break on AWOO!

It's really important to take care of yourself. I love AWOO's demo and I'm sure I'll love the final release too, but it's not worth it to have it earlier if it comes at the expense of your health.

it's obvious y'all have been putting a TON of work into this game. The demo alone is bigger than a lot of indie VNs I've played. And the scope of the final game… five routes, ten endings, 70 CGs, two modes? That'd be a lot of work even for a large, paid team with multiple writers, artists and musicians, and you're working almost for free with just a group of three. It's completely understandable for you to prioritize getting outside funding. We all need to eat, after all.

Also, just to be clear, of COURSE the final product will end up being enjoyable. The demo is already so full of heart, and whenever any of you talk about the game it's clear how much thought and love is being put into it. Waiting a little longer isn't going to change any of that, and even if you end up needing to put an actual hiatus on this at some point, that'd be perfectly valid.

Good luck with everything!

I really enjoyed this! The characters are all lovely (even if not equally friendly, hehe), and it's nice to get some aro rep, too.

I love the little touches like the animated start up screen and being able to open your great-uncle's journal whenever you want, too.  They're just small things that add to immersion, but I've messed around enough with renpy to know that takes some extra effort! Great work.

kc this is really cute and sweet QQ 

shiro is so good... i want to offer shiro a hug and also not hug her if that would make her uncomfortable

(ella is also good but i have a soft spot for people who have trouble talking ahh solidarity)

I really loved this game and I'm glad I played it! Everyone is so loveable and the background art + music made me feel right at home in this sleepy fishing village.

I'm just gonna start by saying I really appreciate that there were fully-fledged non-romantic routes, and that the pg-13 option for the game actually involves different sprites, narration and dialogue instead of awkwardly skipping NSFW scenes. I'm not aro/ace spec myself but I thought it was great that the options were there for that -- and the non-romantic routes were so good, too! I do wish we got to see the Lady more in the other routes, but given her circumstances it's understandable that we don't. I'm sure everyone gets the chance to hang out with her some time after the true ending though :3


By the way, before I played I saw someone say that pursuing Burdoc every day leads to a bad ending and I was really sad because I thought that meant he didn't have a good ending -- I was delighted to realize that, actually, his good route was the polysexual one! 

Also, both the solo routes are really good (and sad ;A;): I think you do a disservice to yourselves describing them as "one ending," because they play out very differently and gave me tons of insight into Burdoc and Malik's characters. I went through Burdoc's first and expected something similar from Malik, only to feel increasingly uncomfortable when neither Tomai nor Malik tried to include Burdoc the same way Burdoc tried to include Malik.  Given their personalities, though (and the fact I was deliberately avoiding Burdoc), it makes perfect sense -- and it only made me more determined to make sure Burdoc knew that he was loved too!

[end spoilers]

All in all, this was really lovely and reaching the true ending made me feel warm and fuzzy. Congratulations on the stretch goals you've reached, and good luck in reaching the rest of them! C:

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Wahhh, this game hits all of my weak points! I love stories about strangers being forced to live and work together due to dire circumstances, enemies becoming partners, and like, the entire concept of “scary, but really hot,” and this does all of them so well!

I will admit freely that even before I started the game I was super excited to meet Issa just based on her fantastic design and the fact she was clearly very dangerous, ahahah. But then within the first few text boxes I ended up hooked on the entire game world (the great art and music helped too, of course)! That intro was both very efficient and very natural world-building… I was really impressed!

I was even more impressed with how well the dark atmosphere of the setting was balanced out with funny and heart-warming moments. I never felt like the game became too sad to read or too light-hearted for me to take it seriously: Mell and Issa’s interactions always felt both genuine and delightful to read.


One thing I especially appreciated was that Mell and Issa had genuine reasons to dislike each other, misunderstand each other, and step on each other’s toes – so often I see characters in VNs who are jerks without good explanation so that the player can redeem them through the Power Of Love. The fact that Mell and Issa both had good reasons to distrust each other made it all the more wonderful when they managed to get past that <3

Oh, and I loved the explanation of Issa’s stuffed bears that was in the second bad ending! I’m always so happy when there are little story details in bad ends. It feels like an extra treat for completionists like me!

Thanks for making such a lovely game c:

I actually played this game back when it first came out, but because I enjoyed it so much, I thought I ought to leave a review before playing the new Sofdelux game! Even after half a year, I still remember how charmed I was by the graphics, the music, the wonderful characters (Bea was my favourite, but they're all great)... But more than anything I remember how impressed I was with the game's attention to detail!

23 endings is impressive enough on its own, but I was even more excited when I realized how much detail was put in to little choices that didn't count for endings. I got to try so many different things, like getting different medals at the Passion Festival, and going to the festival at different stages in my friendship with different characters, and every time I discovered a new line of dialogue it made me even happier with the game than I'd been before. 

Also, congratulations on finishing the new game! Sofdelux is a great team and I'm excited to see what you've come up with this time. I'll be sure to leave a review when I finish that one too c:

(WAIT I just remembered there are older women in Mermaid Splash! Passion Festival. Still, having an entire game dedicated to older women is a real treat!)