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spin spin spin spin

thank you for playing and for the video :3

eggs eggs eggs eggs

a sweet game with a sweet ending! the puzzle is interesting -- took a bit to get started, but once you know what the game is looking for it was quite straightforward. the note on the tome definitely helps!

thanks for playing and for the video o/

for me the web version loaded quickly but unfortunately clicking didn't work properly so i couldn't get the best ending. as soon as i downloaded it was fine though!

Absolutely delightful.

I really enjoyed learning about the world of this game, and I was really impressed with how the narrative shifts depending on the choices you make about Cassadin's personality and attitude! I didn't expect so many callbacks throughout the story to choices I made near the beginning, and it made the story particularly immersive (it also made me replay extra times after I'd seen all the endings, just to hunt for more interesting tidbits).

I especially wanted to share my appreciation of the friendship routes -- I started with the one where 

(SPOILERS) Cassadin and Heimos become pen pals, and I found it really sweet. The thought of this scared, sad young man being ostracized by his village, only to decide he wanted that he wanted to live back at his old home and make sure nobody had to suffer like he had... It was really lovely.

Also, Violo's incursion was very exciting. I'm glad I'll get to see more of him and Vivere in Sacrarium Pario! (/SPOILERS)

Hi! The .exe file is "FlowerShop". (Flowershop-32 is the version for 32-bit Windows.)

For future reference, when you see a file with type "Application" that often means it's an .exe. You can double-check by right-clicking and checking the properties of the file.

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Yay, I made it past 1000!

very charming, love the extra modes and high score tracker. and it actually worked great in web for me!

it makes me think of an ultra-cute deepsea metro :3

i'm really pleased to hear this, thank you for sharing

thanks for the comment!!

i'm glad you can make cute and normal rooms in this game. nothing is under the bed

a simple and charming game!

i'm really pleased to hear you enjoyed this game enough to make a full page of notes for it, thank you for sharing <3

i like the implication that the knight is a knight named Knight

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i'm actually rather curious what the third ending you got was, i'd love to hear it.

the button is a bit of an experiment! i'm not sure if it's doing what i intended -- it's quite possible i'll end up adjusting it. 

if you would like to know how many routes there are, i encourage you to consider PAST DREAMS.

thank you for playing!

based on feedback, i've slightly increased contrast in a certain area of the game.

thank you for playing! 

i'm glad your ending suits you! and yet, i also hope your wish comes true

i did it!!!!!

been picking at this day by day! it's fun to find a couple words at a time


oh dear. indeed, he doesn't need to know B)

really good comic!! thank you for sharing so many interesting details from your transition. there's a lot of personal stuff in here that i'd feel scared to share myself, but it's sharing that kind of stuff that helps people understand one another c:

it's always comforting to see folks talk about the parts of transition that can be Really Rough, too. like i absolutely hated wearing a binder, but it's not like i was gonna tell people about that because i didn't know if they'd be like "then just stop and give up". feels freeing to read things like "yeah not gonna miss that" haha

also wow!!!! all the garbage with the trans clinic pisses me off so much!!!! i'm not really surprised to hear it but wow!!!!! glad you found alternate paths even if you shouldn't have had to ugh

i'm really glad you have this comic available even though it no longer reflects your current Gender Feelings (tm). it's still clear that it comes from as honest a place as you could manage at the time, and it's really interesting to compare with CISN'T c:

very charming!

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good game! i like the sheer range of these endings, you really get a sense of what these characters care about

(spoilers: ending discussion)

peyton's ending provides lots of good lore and lots of nice closure. a wonderful way to finish off my playthroughs. fanny's ending was delightful, and i'm pleased with how much characterization was fit into what might be considered a joke ending. but i think my favourite ending was hugh's. when fanny was like "hey maybe stop talking to him you will die" it was very exciting. i love when a game tells you someone is bad news and follows through on it! no "it's okay, he fell in love with you so everything will be alright actually" here. you're warned someone will kill you if you go after him, and then he kills you when you go after him. very nice.

i also like the dr. frank mentions... i wonder what he'd think of all this. seems a bit depressing for his tastes but on the other hand maybe he'd be happy to see his research being used successfully

very pleased to see the full release!! the affect__ion meter is really neat

i'm glad you enjoyed it and that it was helpful to you!

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thanks for reaching out! here are the features in this game that are meant to provide accessibility to blind gamers:

text-to-speech is toggled with the "v" key.

point-and-click sections which require the mouse can be replaced if the option for "text-based navigation" is chosen. 

important visuals are described in text if the option for "image captions" is chosen.

these options are provided on the first launch of the game and can also be toggled in the menu.

if the text-based navigation is on, the game should be fully playable with keyboard or controller. i have done some testing of this myself, but as i am not blind, i may have missed something. 

good luck with your collection!

spinney machine is good!!

thank you!! it's hard to scope for a complete game in less than 72 hours but i'm pleased with how it came out

i'm really pleased to be able to show more of their friendship with this update :3

aro games are cool!! i'm pleased that you enjoyed this one c:

neat puzzle game! i like that you don't lose the ability to walk over tiles once you've lost the item -- it just makes it harder. 

the crumbling map is also very cool!

(maybe i'll have audrey and simone talk about the spelling somewhere... Audrey is team "spinney" and Simone is team "spinny". Apparently everyone else in the world is also team "spinny" lolll)


i really like the menu UI! and the sound effects are satisfying.

feels right at home on android