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See below for some more details on persistent variables in web games!
The value of a persistent variable does not save on web versions until after the game has saved. So, it’s best to force web games to save whenever you change the value of a persistent variable. You can use quicksaves for this so that the player can’t access the saves that you use.

First add this code to your script, outside of a label:

##stop players from manually creating or loading quicksaves
init python:
    config.has_quicksave = False 

Then, use this code whenever you want to change the value of a persistent variable:

## example: when the true ending is read. replace with your own persistent variable
$ persistent.true_ending = True
## save the new value of the persistent variable

Saving web games only works with third-party cookies enabled, so if your game uses this system you may wish to mention in the description that third-party cookies are required.


they're so bouncy <3

this is eggtremely high-effort egg and i eggpreciegg it

times are hard, but

egg is for you


thank yougg!!

much eggpreciated!

the world needs more eggs.....

wow!! SUS sounds so great and normal!! can't wait to join

thank yougg!! 🥚

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eggs for you. good for you. very good tagline

eggs for everyone!!!!!

very cool little game! i really liked the blood mechanic. 

(by the way, the game froze for me the first time i made it to the last bat statue -- it worked after i quit and restarted the game, thoguh!)




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thank yougg



eggcellent comment.

aaaa i love it!!! so much lore in so few words.... great use of the cover image and banner to add context too!! 

propus is good and i appreciate him QQ

thank you!! :3

Lovely! Makes me want to eat a charcoal pie. Everyone is so sweet!!

I was too nervous to finish the game (customer service is a lot of pressure, after all) but I helped Bonnie make a lot of cute animals happy so I'm happy!

I did watch a playthrough and really enjoyed it c:

And I did go back and get ending 5 hehe :3

that was great!! atlas is a sweetheart

the art is really lovely, i love the soft colours

Thank you!!!!! I'm so glad it's done now aaaaaa

b e e

Thank you! I hope we can all be a little kinder to each other.

I'm glad to have made your day a little bit brighter c:

Thank you for playing!

As I recall, I removed the scrolling feature for aesthetic reasons -- I didn't realize that'd break the game on some browsers, sorry about that! It should be all fixed now.

NICE. Nice nice nice. Sutoro best boy

I like to think they're very thin and cheap dress pants, hehe. Thanks for playing!

Here's a hint, if you're interested:
One of Lottie's outfits is already quite warm, but if she changed her top to something thicker, I think she'd be really baking!

Hi Vignett, I'm too busy working on other games right now to start working on a new translation but thank you for the offer!

Thanks! But you'd actually have to follow me on twitter (@little_rattus), as doesn't have private messaging.