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thanks for reaching out! here are the features in this game that are meant to provide accessibility to blind gamers:

text-to-speech is toggled with the "v" key.

point-and-click sections which require the mouse can be replaced if the option for "text-based navigation" is chosen. 

important visuals are described in text if the option for "image captions" is chosen.

these options are provided on the first launch of the game and can also be toggled in the menu.

if the text-based navigation is on, the game should be fully playable with keyboard or controller. i have done some testing of this myself, but as i am not blind, i may have missed something. 

good luck with your collection!


Sorry for the late response, that's pretty impressive! Allot of games don't achieve that level of accessibility, so you're doing something right. :)
As long as their are no visual only puzzles and all vital indicators have text alternatives, that means your game should be fully playable!
Good work, and thanks for being a good example to other devs!