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I really really love your game! It's very nostalgic for me. I've meet my first love on internet, I lived my first relationship at distance by MSN. We are ourselves confronting the famous meeting, to never do it... Your game finds echo in me. Really and thank you!

Despite all player's comments and clues, I'm stuck at the second ending. I've no idea where do I must change my answers. :( 

(Sorry, I don't speak a fluent english, so maybe it's no very clear). 

Thank you for playing our game! Happy to hear that the story resonated with you.

A hint for each ending: ending 1 happens if you act too suspiciously, ending 2 happens if you don't display enough trust in Brandon, ending 3 happens if you display trust in Brandon but aren't friendly enough, and ending 4 happens if you display trust in Brandon and are encouraging and friendly towards him.

(Your English is perfectly fine -- no apology needed!)