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Very cool, incredibly meta game. I didn't even know you were able to do half of the things this game did to my computer.

I loved the mouse cursor platformer section, low key blew my mind.

I did get stuck on the screen dragging section and ended up losing the game screen somewhere outside of my window and couldn't use any of the standard windows techniques to get it back so I had to start again.

Also I go stuck for a while when your screen goes entirely black and from pressing random buttons I ended up pressing f3 which appears to be a legacy debug mode still in the game which ended up crashing it and I was stuck without a background or task bar until I could get back to that section and beat it. Any issues had their annoyance magnified due to the temporary damage the game caused to my system.

I would have preferred a clearer ending, I had to check the walkthrough on your channel to check if I was actually done.

All in all an incredible experience, very mind blowing and a lot of fun.


Thanks for playing!
Also thanks for reporting these (bugs/glitches/overlooked points)! I'll get them fixed as soon as possible, and there will be an update in the next couple days (hopefully today)!
My end goal is to remove almost every bug this game has to offer, because even the slightest one can cause some short-term problems with your device.
I'll remove the debug thing, make the first ending clearer, add a button that resets the game's window position to the middle of the screen (the button will be clear), and try to add a visual representation of the sound room!
I'll also try to prevent your desktop files from being scattered all around. If I can't fix it in the next couple of days, just turn on the invisible files visibility, and that is a guarantee fix, but not as impressive from the game's perspective!
Thanks for posting! :D