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I liked the game a lot, the MC feels quite real, I would like to know her name by default.
And all its romantic possibilities are attractive, it is the type of game that would play all the possible routes.
My favorites at the moment are Frederique (I don´t know if he will have a route since it would be incest, but I love his personality and love for his sister), and Prince Guillaume (I didn´t intend to pursue the prince, but he has such a sweet personality (^///^)).
I would like to connect more with the others, besides seeing the routes with the girls, especially Sofia, it seems to fit with the MC.
I hope that soon you finish the game, although it takes all that is necessary, this game has a lot of potential.


Hello, Aural, and thank you for the feedback. 

I am glad to hear you like all the romantic possibilities  - I hope you enjoy finding out more about them if you decide to get the full game which, I am happy to say, is scheduled for release tomorrow. 

Thanks for playing


I will definitely buy it and comment on it!

Will you put a guide? Please

I say it in case it is difficult to get some route.


A guide? Sure thing - I'll post one just after the game is released ^_^