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I'm so glad I found this game! It definitely feels nostalgic, and I actually got excited when they mentioned Fall Out Boy and Panic haha. It's so cool seeing a game set in Hong Kong. I'm not from there but my parents are from the mainland, and I hardly ever get to see Chinese characters in games. :) I've gotten three of the endings, one being bad, one being sort of neutral, and one revealing a twist at the end. I'm curious about the last ending I have to obtain, but I'm not sure what else I can choose differently. I guess I'll just have to keep trying. I'm too attached to Brandon and Sam to give up.

Thanks for playing our game and for sharing your thoughts! Glad to hear that it resonated with you. If you're unsure exactly which endings you've unlocked, you can check the Extras screen (accessible from the main menu) which has the list of endings numbered and named, so it's easier to find hints in the comments if you're looking to get a specific one.