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This was a fun time.  Those are some extremely deadly spikes.  Casually brushing against them instantly kills you!  

A couple thoughts...

The enemies take a lot of shots but aren't very difficult.  I ended up skipping them later on because they were annoying to fight after awhile.  Maybe lowering the number of shots they take and alow lower the fire rate of the gun would work.  

The controls were a little loose, but I liked flying around and boosting up the walls.  I think you could have upped the speed of everything and it would have played a little better.

Good job!  

Thank you for playing. 

Can you tell me exactly how I can help in improving the controls.

How are they loose??

Well this is just my opinion, but the player felt weightless to me.  I understand that part of the game is a jetpack, but he just seemed to float, like the jetpack didn't provide much thrust up and prevented me from falling down quickly.  If you increased gravity for the player by a bunch and let the jetpack provide more of a boost it might make the player feel a little more present.

Not that I want to push my own stuff, but I put together a set of control schemes just to play around with them.  The one in the lower right is a jetpack.  The acceleration is fast in both the + and - Y direction, so it feels like the jetpack is really pushing the player up and gravity really feels like it is pulling down.  

Again, this is all my opinion, and if it controls exactly the way you like it then ignore me  :)

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Feedback is really important. I'll see what can be done. Thanks a lot.😀