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I really like the concept of this game, the conversation feels natural and very realistic. And the music is so relaxing.
I got the first two endings but now I'm stuck. I tried four times to get another ending but I always end with second. I tried to follow the advices but it didn't work for me. And now I'm tired of trying anymore because there are so many choices. Could you provide a walkthrough? I'm dying to know the third and fourth ending.

Thanks for playing our game and sharing your thoughts!

I'd like to avoid giving a full walkthrough, but I can give you one choice per chat that you should definitely make:
- On September 23, say that you're sorry to hear about classmates making fun of him.
- On September 29, say that while it's not the same situation, you changed schools recently.
- On October 6, say that you know what he means, instead of just saying "that's rough".
- On October 11, say that you should finally make an account.
- On October 15, say that your friends don't know the real you.
- On October 25, say that it makes sense to have doubt.
- On November 14, say that there's a reason for it, and it's that you got too nervous.

Thank you! It helped and I got the fourth ending :D I didn't expect that twist at the end. I still don't know what leads exactly to the 3rd ending, but maybe I'll figure it somehow later. I'm happy that I got to know the best ending  :)