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Okay I loved this from the line 


Score one for team opposable thumbs! END SPOILERS

The MC was so funny, and I loved their cheerful attitude. She was totally cool with where she was because she wanted to be a real adventurer and it was the cutest. Anzo was a treat, and Marcel had me cracking up. Basically I was laughing the whole time. And then I noticed that the icon is underpants and I laughed some more. Was it because I'm not sexy enough I can't. 

Okay but please tell me the pokemon reference was on purpose because I screamed.

Also: Because reasons. And poor Edwards.

I did find one error, I included the screen before it for reference:

I also really enjoyed the pillar moving puzzle! I'm a sucker for puzzles in general. Overall this is a really great accomplishment for Nano! So far I've only gotten one ending, but I plan on going back and doing all of the options, because all of the dialogue really tickled me. I'm looking forward to Lady Emi's route!

Edit: I'm crying I went back to play again and told Marcel I like what I see I can't

A++ very nice love it

So I saw this comment this morning and honestly, waking up was hard today but upon reading this nothing could bring me down for the rest of the day! Thank you so much for playing through the game, I'm so glad you enjoyed my (terrible) jokes and lines haha!

(And if you're referring to that line during the third test, then yes :^) I couldn't help but make the Pokemon reference... Edwards did deserve better though)

I've also now fixed the error you found, thank you for reporting it!

It was my pleasure, I had a blast! I did go back through and get both Anzo and Marcel's 'into it' endings, I'll have to download the updated version so I can see the ones I missed!