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Aah I'm glad you found it a fun read! I was worried the plot might make it hard to read but I'm really glad you ended up enjoying it! Thanks for trying it out!

Thank you for trying out the demo and for sharing your thoughts on it! I'll keep your comments on the MC in mind, but I hope you have fun finding out even more about them in the full game :'>

There are technically 6 routes in Red Wolf Hiding (2 are just not featured in the demo) but I can see how you could make a connection to the Wayhaven Chronicles, which is a very excellent story and I don't think Red Wolf Hiding could stand against it haha

But maybe it means the time for investigation/secret agent stories has arrived!

Thank you so much for trying out the demo, I'm really glad you like it so far! It's quite motivating to hear that you enjoyed the team, especially the MC, who I wanted to be able to take on the guys if she needed to haha

I'll work hard to make the full game even better than the demo! I hope you will enjoy it as well!

Thank you! I hope you enjoy it and I appreciate you taking the time to leave some feedback when you get the chance!

Haha thank you! Despite it all, gonna keep trying to dev! I hope you enjoy it :'D

I think a lot of the time in romance orientated VNs, the romance ending is seen as the ultimate/good ending, but I wanted the player to feel that friendship is not a bad end in Fool's Helper.

I'm happy it seems you enjoyed the game, thank you for playing! :>

A fun play! Everything about the game from the art to the GUI to the writing gave it a nice warm feeling. I loved getting to know both guys and was pleasantly surprised by Lucan. The character customization was a neat touch too! :)

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Just got through all the routes, and I just gotta say...

THIS IS SO GOOD!! Not only is the art beautiful and gorgeous to look at, but the well written characters and their personalities make the game such a treat to enjoy. I find their relationships cute and love the fact we can see both sides of the relationship!

You've not only fleshed out the characters so well into believable people, the world itself is so interesting, the intricacies of it felt so natural to read!

You and your team did an amazing job in creating a well-contained game that felt whole and professional. Well done you guys!

Thank you for playing and the kind words ;A; So glad you had fun and liked the guys!! (especially my bias hehe)

Thank you for playing! Hearing that it cheers you up makes having made the game really worthwhile! (I personally love their blushing faces too hehe)

Thank you for playing our game and for enjoying it! :D

I can't even begin to describe how happy your comment about my art makes me ;A; Seriously, thank you!

I'm happy you thought so! Thank you for playing! ^^

Thank you so much for playing the game! I'm so glad you liked it!! Ran will be happy to hear that you're on team Lee since she wrote his route lol It makes me happy that you liked those two dorks ;A;