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I didn't look before I leaped haha;; But thank you for your understanding and patience! 

Thank you for your understanding and patience ;___; I appreciate your support!

Your icon best describes my reaction to such a kind comment ;___; Thank you for your understanding!

I'm glad to hear you had fun! Thank you for playing ^^

Haha thank you for your kind words! ;w;

No problem! ;w; Thank you for your kind comments!

The "Into It" ending definitely has more up-front romantic connotations! The "Embarrassed" endings were meant for a slower take on romance while the "Indifferent" endings were for an MC not interested in romantic relationships.

But aaah! ;w; Thank you for loving them~

AH! Sorry, I didn't realize it wasn't clear in the description (I'll go fix that now...) There are only friendship scenes in this game;; There's no actual dating;; The bonus "date" scene only happens once you unlock all the endings, it's triggered at the start of a new game and doesn't involve any of the character paths. The character specific ending dialogues are triggered after any of the endings, it's just a short scene involving the character you finished the path with that playthrough. They just comment on the ending and have a short dialogue with Maya if it's not the Runaway Ending.

Sorry for the confusion and most likely the disappointment that there's no actual romance ||OTL

Thank you for your kind words!! In terms of bad endings where it ends terribly for everyone/anyone, there are NO bad endings at all in this game! It's all about having a good time, the type of MC you've made via choices, and if MC ends up with anyone.

Also, found the typo! Thanks for pointing it out! And thank you for your support ;w;

Hello! Sorry, when I made this game, I didn't plan out the gameplay very well so to get the character routes, you have to basically ignore the main goal of the game (which is to get as much money as you can).

To get someone's CG, you'd have to ALWAYS choose their job option (Marcus = Counter, Nichole = Delivery, Thomas = Kitchen, Adrian = Tables) during the playthrough in order to get their affection up! You can tell you're leading up to the CG cutscene when little cutscenes happen after you're done with the day's work. And then once they reach a certain point (60 friendship pts I believe), another cutscene will trigger and you have to choose the correct answer to unlock the CG cutscene.

Technically it's possible to get a CG without always choosing their job option, but it helps :'D (If this still doesn't work, please let me know!)

Thank you so much for playing Lucky Days ;w; It's my first game and I know it has a lot of problems, but it means a lot to me that you're having fun!

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad to hear you had a good time, especially in the friendship endings! (Brian's collar discussion is actually my personal favorite haha)

As the artist, it makes me really happy to hear your comments about the art ;w; Thank you!

Thank you for playing the demo and enjoying it so much! I’m glad people like it so far! I don’t have a date to give for the full release right now though, sorry;;

Aaaa thank you for coming back and playing the finished release!! \o/ Super glad you enjoyed the added content, makes it feel worth it!

I know no one wants to get stuck  so I tried to make the puzzles as painless as possible while still hopefully being enjoyable.

Thank you for taking the time to play and to leave such nice words! I'm glad you enjoyed it! (Also alas, poor Edwards;;)

Hello! The current status for my visual novel development in general is that I'm currently concentrating on finishing The Bare Escape since it's a smaller game I started for NaNoRenO this year and with it out of the way, I can focus more on Red Wolf Hiding since it is quite a large project. The progress is slow going, but I appreciate your patience!

I'll most likely update the demo with the secondary character sprites and updated GUI, but that will probably be closer to the full release to better reflect the final version of the game.

Haha I'm glad I didn't scare you off! There's still a lot of work to be done, so hopefully I can get most of the work done this year, but I won't be able to give an estimated release date just yet.

Yes, the traitor is the same in all the routes. Gerald and Wolfe's route (they are separate from each other) are locked until the player has gotten the "good/"normal" endings for Kent, Emmett, Cyril, and Beau. But that doesn't necessarily mean the truth behind it all will be as straightforward as that probably makes it sound lol;;

Each guy has three endings (they might be labelled differently in the full release of the game) and the "good" and "normal" endings are affected by how much affection points MC has with the guy. "Normal" endings don't end in romance. "Bad" endings are only unlocked after Gerald's/Wolfe's routes are unlocked and aren't tied to affection points, but specific choices.

Thank you for playing this silly game! I'm glad you had fun ;> It's still in-progress as the lady's route will eventually be added, so I hope you'll come back once it's finally done!

And don't worry, no judging here for good ol' ogling~

I like the idea of their profile updating as Agent Mirage learns more about them in their route, so I'll look into making that work! As for who Agent Mirage will decide is the traitor (which is the route split), that will be decided by who has the highest "affection" points and whether she was right or not will be seen during the route.

I'll do my best to deliver a good final game! (Also I'm glad there wasn't a continuity error, phew! But thank you for being willing to point them out!)

And while I don't currently have any commercial plans right now, your support and encouragement go a long way to keeping me going ;w; Thank you!

Thank you so much! It means a lot to me that you like the characters (especially Diamond, Cross, and Bull!) ;w;

I can't make any promises, but I'm hoping to get at least most of it done this year. Updates and side art will be posted on my VN dev blog though, to hopefully help tide you over until full release!

I'm really glad you enjoyed this silly game, it warms my heart (as it would hers, I'm sure) that you find Val cool!

And thank you! I'm hoping to establish my work more before going commercial, but I appreciate your support!!

Hello! Thank you for playing Lucky Days!

As for tips in getting the $5000, make sure you always wait tables and always get $20 for each scenario, if you get anything less, even $15, you won't make the goal. One strategy would be to save before every choice to make sure you get the $20 since there's no rollback (because I was bad at game design back then, I'm sorry;;)

I wish you luck! And another tip: When you get all the endings, if you play one more time, you'll get to see a bonus "date" scene!

Thank you for the kind words! ;w; and Anzo would be down for that hehe

Haha it's been a busy month... But I hope you have fun!

The fact that you actually wrote fanfiction blows my mind if I think about it too hard, thank you nngghh

Also thank you so much for playing it and looking forward to the full game! (Hehe at Marcel being a surprise favorite, but Marcel's CG is also my personal favorite, very sorry Anzo...) 

So I saw this comment this morning and honestly, waking up was hard today but upon reading this nothing could bring me down for the rest of the day! Thank you so much for playing through the game, I'm so glad you enjoyed my (terrible) jokes and lines haha!

(And if you're referring to that line during the third test, then yes :^) I couldn't help but make the Pokemon reference... Edwards did deserve better though)

I've also now fixed the error you found, thank you for reporting it!

I'm sorry, he'll only be available in the full release of the game... His route would have too much spoilers for the demo!

Aah I'm glad you found it a fun read! I was worried the plot might make it hard to read but I'm really glad you ended up enjoying it! Thanks for trying it out!

Thank you for trying out the demo and for sharing your thoughts on it! I'll keep your comments on the MC in mind, but I hope you have fun finding out even more about them in the full game :'>

There are technically 6 routes in Red Wolf Hiding (2 are just not featured in the demo) but I can see how you could make a connection to the Wayhaven Chronicles, which is a very excellent story and I don't think Red Wolf Hiding could stand against it haha

But maybe it means the time for investigation/secret agent stories has arrived!

Thank you so much for trying out the demo, I'm really glad you like it so far! It's quite motivating to hear that you enjoyed the team, especially the MC, who I wanted to be able to take on the guys if she needed to haha

I'll work hard to make the full game even better than the demo! I hope you will enjoy it as well!

Thank you! I hope you enjoy it and I appreciate you taking the time to leave some feedback when you get the chance!

Haha thank you! Despite it all, gonna keep trying to dev! I hope you enjoy it :'D

I think a lot of the time in romance orientated VNs, the romance ending is seen as the ultimate/good ending, but I wanted the player to feel that friendship is not a bad end in Fool's Helper.

I'm happy it seems you enjoyed the game, thank you for playing! :>

A fun play! Everything about the game from the art to the GUI to the writing gave it a nice warm feeling. I loved getting to know both guys and was pleasantly surprised by Lucan. The character customization was a neat touch too! :)

Just got through all the routes, and I just gotta say...

THIS IS SO GOOD!! Not only is the art beautiful and gorgeous to look at, but the well written characters and their personalities make the game such a treat to enjoy. I find their relationships cute and love the fact we can see both sides of the relationship!

You've not only fleshed out the characters so well into believable people, the world itself is so interesting, the intricacies of it felt so natural to read!

You and your team did an amazing job in creating a well-contained game that felt whole and professional. Well done you guys!

Thank you for playing and the kind words ;A; So glad you had fun and liked the guys!! (especially my bias hehe)

Thank you for playing! Hearing that it cheers you up makes having made the game really worthwhile! (I personally love their blushing faces too hehe)

Thank you for playing our game and for enjoying it! :D

I can't even begin to describe how happy your comment about my art makes me ;A; Seriously, thank you!