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Hi, I saw you wanted feedback on the game and decided to help. I'm not good at solid ratings so I'm not going to rate this game or give you a number out of 10.

Gameplay: A little too generic for me, but you said you were working on adding more features so we'll se how that works out. I recommend finding a few more unique mechanics to add to the game.

Art style: I like the pixel art and the game looks pretty good. Again, a little generic but that's okay.

Music: The music is decent, I just wish the loop was a bit longer, I know you didn't make it though.

Overall rating: ?/10

Thanks for your feedback, and I appreciate you checking out the game. The main goal of this version was to improve on the beta of the game, which was my first attempt at making a platformer.

I recommend checking that out to see where I derived my ideas from and the improvement upon it.  Also yes I have a lot of new mechanics planned, so hopefully you'll come back to play it again once it's updated. But thanks again for checking it out!