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Hello i'm thinking of grabbing this game, do i get to play the beta if i buy it? Also is it out soon for 1.0? I'm very interested in this game it looks amazing and I love oldschoolness of it

Hi. Yes, absolutely, and the beta is in a finished state. Just tweaking for release now. Thank you!

Awesome thanks we talked a bit through emails :) Great game I will need to check out the manual and also tell about my oldschool friends

Is there any way to learn spells in first town? I managed to learn songs but not spells, thanks!

spells can only be learned after bringing a requested reagent to the teacher. Characters who begin with a magic skill of 4 or 5 are able to use a ranged magic attack in battle as long as they have no weapon equipped (or a staff equipped). Good luck! :)

Thanks :D