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Little issue there with v4.0 LINUX version (possibly MAC too for same reason). Should be good now. Let me know if anything else pops up.

Now that the L1 recode is done it is full speed ahead. The whole exercise really put me in a much better position to move forward with both titles. I have done a deal with Vermys lately but Void has been more of rethinking approach rather than cramming it into a mold. Really appreciate your interest in both and I am.full steam ahead on both now!

Yep, LINUX. :)

BTW - music... sometimes I think I am making stuff up but it's just something rattling around in my head from a day, week, or year ago. not surprised it sounds familiar :)

Good news! Thank you!! 

OK thanks! Could you please try win build I just posted and let me know? :)

Haha. Figured stuff like this would happen. Windows?

Glad to hear you are still working on the game! Keep it up. :)

Thank you very much!

haha! Just love to know anyone is excited for our games. :)

closer every day... :)

Thank you, Athanasius! It has been fun and refreshing  working in Sci-fi for a bit.  Regarding L3, this is a project that I hope to be my greatest ever. All of my experiments so far (including making Void) are guiding me to the creation of the best possible Lurking III: Vermys that I can make. Now that I know what my basic capabilities are as far as presentation, I have been working a great deal on planning and documenting all of the aspects of the game including characters, mechanics, items, levels/areas, story, etc. It will happen, and I promise that it will be worth the wait! :)

Thanks, Vitokin! We will make a purchase option available as soon as we have a completable initial version. Things are moving along nicely so I will keep you posted. :)

Adoru... Great news and well done! THANK YOU for letting us know... it is always a great day to hear that someone finished the game and enjoyed it. :) Good luck in L2!

Thank you!!!

Hi there. Nope... L2 is 900x900. L1 is 300x300.

Thank you!!!!! We really appreciate hearing that! We are still working hard ...  More is on the way... :)

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It's never easy. Pulling for you! Keep at it. :)

Thank you so much!! Please do let me know if you complete the game. :)

thanks so much! Long way to go but the pace is picking up. :)

Questions? Suggestions? Drop by the oklabsoft Discord... OKLABSOFT DISCORD

Bugs?  hints? support? discussion? suggestions? Drop by the oklabsoft Discord...


Bugs? hints? support? discussion? suggestions?... drop by the oklabsoft discord...


Looking good, Chris! Was glad to see an update... it's been a while and was hoping you didn't shelf it. :)

Good news... The Vermys project is now Lurking III: Vermys and things are ramping up. The two of us have cooked up some great ideas and we are eager to move forward. I have settled on C as the language in which to develop Vermys along with a tremendous boost from the RayLib library. If anyone reading this has ever considered trying to do some coding, RayLib makes things as smooth as you can get and I highly recommend it! I have updated the Vermys page with some additional info and screenshots so be sure to check it out. I am making good progress in converting the 900x900 L2 map into L3V with some basic models and you can now walk around and explore the world in 3D which, at least to me, is very cool.

Excellent! There will probably be at least one more patch with some minor fixes that we are working on (including the problem with reposition of the window when adding characters at the guild which I have fixed). Thanks for bringing that one to my attention! :)

Thank you!!! Any chance of revisiting lighting/lights for 3D in the future?

thanks! Appreciate you playing and glad you enjoyed the journey and took the time to let me know. Always love hearing the news that someone has completed the game. :)

You are correct. The place you are looking for is accessed through Degdamark. Let me know if you need more. :)

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Hi! Oh no!? Does a message saying "the aura of V... Recedes." appear when you attack the wight with Spellsinger? If not, has it been changed to Spellsinger+ yet? If so shoot me an email at

This is very cool. Love the aesthetic. Need to pick a fight a can win. :) Hope there is more to come!

Thank you! Good luck with L2. Let me know if you complete it (or get stuck and need a hint).

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Thank you! An email to would be good or you could leave them as comments in latest Dev log post. Much appreciated.

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BTW, as I began to brighten tiles and some looked good and some washed out, I started to wonder if you are an artist? Your perceptions were very astute.

Thanks!! :)

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Thank you very much! Please keep us posted on your play progress as we love to hear from players.

Regarding the points you make, they are very valid.

I will be working on trying to correct these issues as best as I am able. I can definitely brighten the tiles and will try to find a means to solve these other issues you mention as well.

In the mean time, you may wish to try adjusting the options of narration size to SMALL and nightlite to ON. Please also know that pressing [C] key will clear the narration from the screen.

Thanks again! I will be working on this.

Like Lurking I, Lurking II provides minimal guidance. It is up to you to talk with the inhabitants to unravel the mystery and find your way to the end of the quest. While 'character building'  is one aspect of the game (you will need accomplished burglars, warriors, mages and musicians before the end), Lurking II is also about exploring the unknown, solving puzzles, using your intellect and wit, uncovering secrets, and experiencing a great story. If you enjoy these things in a game, I believe you will love Lurking II. As a word of warning, if you find games that are not centered solely around getting stronger to be boring, you probably will not enjoy it.

Attributes are raised in the game by drinking from mystic pools across the land. There is a pool for each attribute. The effects are determined by level and total of your attributes. So if you have high attributes to start, this is better to begin but you will need to attain a higher level before a pool can affect any attribute further. If you start with lower attributes, you are weaker to start but will be affected at lower levels from drinking and provided you find the pool you seek can have better control over progression. There are pros and cons either way. Hope that makes sense. :)

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Thanks for trying it out. Sorry to disappoint early. Alt-tab does not work properly with the game. Because of this a Ctrl-M option which accomplishes the equivalent was added but only works once you are in your quest.

When creating a character, points can be taken back by right clicking with mouse or left arrow key when attribute or skill is highlighted. Once last point is distributed it is locked in though. Rolling all greens to start is good to begin but will cause a delay later in progression.

The manual is not packaged with the demo yet but you can download it from the itch page for free also. It explains character creation and has some other good info like a map and bestiary.

Hope you will continue to check out the game and appreciate the feedback!