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Lurking II: A Madness is now complete. We are currently playing through the game, fixing any bugs that present, and balancing combat, economics, music, and magic systems.

Lurking II: A Madness is roughly 90% completed. We hope to finish, test, and have select alpha testers playing by the end of February.

Thanks! More to come as I get them worked out.

L2 Music Sample

Hello. As of right now the preliminary storyboard is indicating that at least the first one or two levels will be as such. After that, down you go.

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Based on the number of views and our level of interest, the Vermys project will likely proceed. It will, however, take a back seat to L2.  The demo has provided valuable insight and direction into just what I am capable of (although much will be re-coded), and a permanent groundwork and progress has been laid. I am not really feeling the combat trial and may switch to a top down model/view to incorporate more strategic movement of PCs and foes. My original intent was to keep things very simple but I am not so sure this is in the cards for us. It was to be a simple solo project but my brother/partner has jumped on board and the product will be far better for it. If you have ideas, comments, or requests; the next few months is the time to impact the direction of this project. If you have not tried L1, I encourage you to do so because L2 is shaping up to be something very special.

Hey, Chris. If I understand your view blocking method correctly then you came up with a more efficient method than I. :) In L1 I used the same array to hold view blocking (0=dark/no tile render) as for lighting. I only had 4 Val's 0-3 dark-full light. I ran I light source check before view blocking and final render and added light increments from different sources. Any value above 3 was just 3. If you have more lighting values that should be fine. If a light source goes out, it will then drop from the lighting calculations and render properly. I also had an ambient light setting (0-4) that was applied before all else based on day/night/dungeon conditions. Not sure if this approach would work in your code but maybe it gives you an idea. Keep up the good work, looks great!

Hi. Looks great so far! I used a 2-D array overlay to approach both this and the lighting issue. You have the speed to calculate a blocked view scenario for each of the tiles in one 'quadrant' say north and west of player (I drew rays on a grid paper and decided which would be blocked). The algorithm code block can then be reflected to each of the other 'quadrants' about the player. A blocked view = no/zero lighting. Light sources can then add to this value based on size/brightness and the view can be rendered using the 'overlay' as a lighting guide. Probably not the best solution but worked for me (except for calculating light blockage). Don't know if that helps but watching your project with interest. Good luck!

PS - reading back my response before posting I just figured out how I could have done the light block. :)

Thank you. Hearing this means much to us!

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Started messing with encounters/combat to see if an idea I had would fly... A tactical map based on dungeon layout that would add a (possible) movement element to battles. The preliminary idea is that one 'dungeon tile' of approximately 15x15m can be divided into a 3x4 grid holding up to 12 PC's and humanoid sized monsters combined. Moving on a turn would change the dynamic as to which PC's and enemies would have the option to attack which mons with weapons and of course the other way around. Most weapons attack adjacent and then there are pole weapons (6m range) and mf. Also changes battle dynamic based on layout of dungeon when encounter occurs. We will see how it works when I get battle running. Note the tactical display upper right in new screen shot. Probably been done before but your comments and thoughts are welcomed.

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Thanks. If you mean levels of hard as in difficulty, I hadn't really thought that through yet. I feel like I have never had as much fun 'character building' as with early Wizardry and BT and this was also something I felt was unique (though lesser extent) to U3 which is why it was my fav of ultimas. A big part of what gave me the itch to sketch this out is a desire to experience that again with a new stage. So I would def focus on this. With all of the speed and memory now size and depth of roleplaying I would also seek to improve on over wiz. This would mean progressively more difficult as you journey deeper but adding difficulty settings is very intriguing. Would like to hear your thoughts.

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Just curious as to the amount of interest out there in a game such as this and if it were finished would you play it?

v1.4.1 Should provide you with a properly working auto-map feature that properly saves areas explored by map. The open custom character icon slots should now be usable for custom character icons. Please let me know of any issues. Thank you!

It has come to my attention that the blank character portraits do not load into the game. You can still replace the existing character portraits with custom portraits. If you wish to use the blank portrait slots contact me and I can help you out. Otherwise, as it is a non-critical issue, the fix will be included in the next update. Thanks!

Lurking I v1.4.0 should no longer have any issues with errors which end the game session. The character creator has been updated and you can now use your own custom tiles for characters if you wish. I have begun to implement a map function which works, but not completely as intended yet. Mapped areas do not yet save. You may use it or not as you wish.

A report of occasional errors which end session. Working on it. I put a previous version back up if you experience this and need it. Seems to be only some systems.

Lurking I v1.3.0 is a very important update. If you are playing a previous version please make sure you update to this version. Thanks to all who have played and contacted us with feedback.

Sorry about the Windows only condition. We did get a report of Lurking running nicely in Wine.

My apologies for the keyboard sensitivity issues introduced in v1.2.0. The new version should take care of it.

Update: I have altered the mechanic in v1.2.0 to prevent this issue.

thank you. In retrospect I agree. I liked it in wizardry but I do need to remove it or perhaps randomly distribute a set number of points only rather than all random.? Thanks again. Hope you enjoy the game.

Lurking I Trailer

I saw a question on another site about what attributes do. I had to go back and look through the code and here is what I found:


- RESIST MONSTER MAGIC ATTACKS (1 part Wisdom + 4 parts Int)



($) All items currently have a weight value but this was never implemented.

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Thank you, ngzax! Haha. Thought that one would remain a secret forever. Nice way of putting it without being too much of a spoiler. Thanks for playing and posting! :)

Thank you CryptRat! Glad you enjoyed it. This is what we worked so hard for. Thanks for posting.