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Yes been chill nowadays :) I promise

Artur when soulash 2 and you guys ban me for life ;(?

THis looks epic surprised not uber popular found out about this at a mention of realmZ

This game looks really good im surprised by the lack of people or comments and what not

I don't see map editor exe? I used f1 in-game


Congrats on release!

5 days to go!

Sick game thanks :)

very nice also mech bow sound fun

Nice !!!

Excited for early access

Didn't know this was on itch io ill have to grab it here soon aswell, they don't make games like this anymore this has truly unique gameplay for a spacesim I really hope for Sol Trader 2 

Hi Artur im sorry for when i went nuts on discord i didnt mean things i typed I hope soulash doing good aswell

For sure 

Artur is a legend and Soulash shall be eternal legend aswell

Oh wow ur right, ill try to contact them

Ill see wat i can do

Since 0.7.0 there's weird behaviour with changing entities in the onDestruction component. I made an entity that's a nav console and when it dies it changes the airlock to (Airlock in flight) in ondestruction  and the nav console corpse is (nav console in flight). No issue this works. But if i go to my other entity to change (Airlock in flight) to Airlock docked and change (Nav console in flight) to Nav console docked-there too  it doesnt apply or do the changes. Only the teleport player works. This used to be no issue in 0.6.2 so I wonder what broke cheers...

Fixed the floors (Stone and wood floors had no position 2d component so they didnt create properly) i tested and they work now, ull need a new game sadly

Oh O_O ill investigate thanks sorry for trouble

The icons in crafting menu are the same picture, you craft it from crafting menu then drop the framework then an option build will show up you need a hammer cheers

I ported to soulash 0.7.0 so you'll need to new soulash instal cheers

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Replaced vampire race with an insectoid race that also sucks blood just like vampires, replaced endurance for dexterity. For Soulash 0.6.2 to see the mosquitoe graphic i suck at art put the monsters.png into Soulash\Assets\gfx folder and overwrite yes.

EDIT: THIS MOD IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH 0.7.0 PROPERLY YET please do not instal for latest Soulash sorry

Thanks a lot i joined as Toupzy

I keep hearing good things about new horizons but for me when i go to shipyard I see a big blue screen thingy blocking my sight its hard to explain... I thought i installed it properly i dont know whats up so im stuck with Gentlemen of fortune wish i can understand new horizons and how to fix a glitch ;/

Hows the mod? Anything bad?

Thanks sir

Did you make sure you start a new game with this mod? If so it's under crafting you should see Wooden thingies Its the art i used for them, you need to craft the framework first. Then drop it and apply the build action on the framework cheers!

Do i have be patreon for this version or i can buy game on here? Im confused.. Cheers

Lol i just realised the frameworks are OP by being collidable ill fix it next version ((Frameworks won't block movement anymore)) So finalized structure still makes more sense

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This is Soulash Valley 1.1 for 0.7.0, CONTEST EDITION :) : Soulash Valley Contest edition: Create frameworks and build them to finalize their structures, includes crafting tables and other fun stuff, New enemies and map with a dark secret (North from north of kabula) Training dummy, torture rack, fishing trap for waterfall, wheat planter for wheat field more!

Hello about alpha (Not sure if theres alpha on here yet)) but on steam, theres a bug where ship walls are everywhere in swampstone near ruins/tall farms rock cemetary etc not sure if you saw my email report cheers

Sorry i didnt have a good morning, I didnt mean to be rude etc

Fuck this game it's too hard + i lost my password and when i tried to recover it on website twice.... I didn't get any email (Yes i used my email i purchased the game with) Checked out every folder spam etc...I left the discord people were trolling me because i need help, fuck you

That looks frigging dope, is there any way to buy the full game?

Nice, blood for the blood god!

Is this game will have new updates?