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That's epic

Soulash forever!

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Presenting Horror Arbor alpha 0.24: A dark low magic world after the apocalypse, horrors roam the land and survivors are scarce, aswell as food and water. Become a survivor and try everything to understand this world and adapt to the situation.

Inspired by horror classics, post-apocalyptic movies and even Diablo 1 (easter egg) Become a human survivor in a dark gritty world where monsters brutally feed on the living, or capture them, and worse.

Fixed but on hold until i feel its good enough to playtest, can currently get level 2ish but i need more content+map details etc, cheers

More maps more horrors! Of course the map is not as big as i wish and it will only keep expanding!!!!!! 

How to instal this mod: Extract Horror Arbor folder to the mods folder of Soulash game folder, In the game menu click MODS and make sure only Horror Arbor is checked, you will need to UNCHECK CORE for horror arbor to have no issue.  Can currently get level 2 maybe 3 if skilled, I look forward to adding tons of content, more maps, more horrors, details etc

Edit: Fixed a crash related to using bandage without the bandage ability from core

Edit: on Standby

Hello sir i was wondering if i could implement your mod as part of a conversion mod im making, and credit you for it, cheers

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This mod adds a mountains pass north from Kabula, aiming to expand the world of Soulash, from mountain bandits to golems to a monastery of holy monks order,  psychopath enemies, raided barbaric lands and more! Not for the faint of heart. beware of crazy gnome psychopaths...

0.4: Frozen lands to the north by '' climbing '' up the mountain, monastery coming next and a big citadel called okab, the people live off ice fishing and deers hunting and fend off orc + barbarian invasions constantl

Version 0.666 removed maps for now (They crashed at game start) Also did a few balance fixes and changes

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This mod adds a new class: The witch , with up to level 7 of new abilities. Enjoy summoning spiders, tentacles, larvas, and dark magic spells involving poison and paralysis. Use reagants such as mushrooms for some of those abilities, create vials of bat guts that you can throw for poison damage and more, also comes with a witch house north of kabula ((Small chance to spawn there)) In work: Volcano pass north from that witch house, which will be higher level content with custom heat weather mechanics and dangerous creatures, unfinished Please report any issues like balance issues if you like this mod, vitokin me vitowns on steam is the creator of this mod but feel free to edit as you wish...Also delete the mods map folder if you don't want to alter the map with witch house or volcano pass cheers

Version 0.666 fixed (removed maps for now they caused crash)  also reduced cooldowns and fixed some balance issues cheers

Version 0.7 Added a level 8 spell: Spider swarm...Uses spiderling corpse as reagant+Witch blood (Hp) + stamina...Creates a spider swarm area of effect and deals poison+dmg to the area entities

Version 0.8: Added Witch Sacrifice lvl9, sacrifice your sanity (Intelligence) For lots of dexterity,growing spider legs, also added Black Storm spell for level 10, deal 20 damage for sure in a radius to every enemy adjacent to target entity (Costly for your health) and also deal nature dmg

Version 0.83: Changed Rust eye (level 4) for Mystic Eye instead, the spell allows to gain full vision of your surroundings for a few moment

Version 0.9: Balance fixes, removed some components required for a spell or two, changed nature to acid, etc

Version 0.92: Level 11 spell, Hazard: Acid falls from the sky dealing damage around target area

Version 0.94 pre-final: Level 12 spell around you dealing acid damage and also immobilizing targets, Made Witch sacrifice (lvl 9) spell make our movement speed faster since we grow spider legs, also costs more health since growing the legs hurts

Hope it kicks ass and goes well

I know this dev is awesome woot heya

Hope everything is well Arthur, thanks for the update :)

Is there overworld map like DF adventure mode where you can explore wilderness etc? Or is only dungeon, anyways this looks great

Cheers im still talking about this game to my friends, Ilu devs

Take your time you doing great!

Nice i need to try this game again i didnt know how to play before

Thank you so much :D

Sorry i may be a complete noob but i bought the maelstrom engine also downloaded the massive GOF 2.5 I'm not 100% sure how to setup this to play it, any help would be appreciated cheers :)

That's amazing and opens up so many possibilities, will such things like crafting be moddable aswell? I salivate some ideas right now hehe

Is any update planned love this game cheers!?

Impressive game for early alpha state i was desperatly seeking for a wild west openworld/freeroam I hope this becomes a blast and on steam that would be great, please never give up such project this is an unrefined gem in refining process ;) Ps i found a bug if you click continue and never played before the game seems frozen/stuck. Cheers !

Help please it doesn't work for me it says something about a dll ((Windows)) ptthreadGC-3.dll is either not designed to run on windows ot contains an error

This will be tasty

That was an awesome read congrats this is certainly my favorite RL!!!

Sending away sir ;)

I crash when I click start new game, pretty sure my maps are named too all i did was create a few maps to the south, the maps are:

Thanks :D

Very epic i am wondering how i can change player start location? I placed player start location in my new map i'm making but i think i need to remove the default start location right? I looked around 30,30 x,y but couldn't find it im a bit confused much help appreciated :D 

Working on a mod I will let you know about it :D It's something big im planning hehehehehe

That's amazing o_O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done and happy holidays!

I love you good devs im toupz on discord ahah now i feel like a stalker sorry ;(

Very epic work thanks :D

Nice work can't wait for saving loading tho... I feel its needed in every game

Ilu sweet and thanks ;D

Game looks aweesome

Aww so no steam key for itch buyers?

Cheers man

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah i need

Thank you you just hit my heart with my favorite genre!!!!!! sci-fi :D And rpg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks great, how to buy?

Looks epic agreed!