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A member registered Jun 29, 2017

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Good game i love it a lot I like the combat too I can't find reagants tho

Nope the pay with credit card requires the 3-digit code which my stupid bank doesn't have, is there any way to personally send you a payment easily?

Created a new topic Won't let me buy game

Hello i usually bought games on steam with no issue but here i'm trying to get Masteroid but paypal asks me for a credit or debit card, my debit card doesn't have 3 number digits because my bank sucks or  something and i'm too poor to earn a credit card, I don't see why it works differently than steam or most places, I badly need this game i'm out of ideas help! Says i need money in my paypal or something but on steam i can debit-buy with paypal directly without this issue!

Thanks :D

Is there any way to learn spells in first town? I managed to learn songs but not spells, thanks!

Awesome thanks we talked a bit through emails :) Great game I will need to check out the manual and also tell about my oldschool friends

Hello i'm thinking of grabbing this game, do i get to play the beta if i buy it? Also is it out soon for 1.0? I'm very interested in this game it looks amazing and I love oldschoolness of it

Created a new topic No Steam key?

Purchased this great RL awhile ago but i didn't get a steam key someone mentioned having one on steam i'm lost!

Thanks for the fair reply :D and no worries keep up the good work!!!!!!!

Hello i am new player of Axu i played older builds silently, without using an account or anything... I would very much love to donate is the game going to stay free or do i get something special other than satisfaction of helping out the development? If nothing special it'S cool I feel it's the right thing i will donate because i'm a big fan of roguelikes and this one is brutal imo :D Also a huge fan of post-apocalyptic stuff like mad max

Greetings Brian i am on steam as Vitowns i am going to enjoy the demo thoroughly and tonight i'll get the game, i can't wait for it, curiously, is there a hunger system?