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Is any update planned love this game cheers!?

Impressive game for early alpha state i was desperatly seeking for a wild west openworld/freeroam I hope this becomes a blast and on steam that would be great, please never give up such project this is an unrefined gem in refining process ;) Ps i found a bug if you click continue and never played before the game seems frozen/stuck. Cheers !

Help please can't find your page

Help please it doesn't work for me it says something about a dll ((Windows)) ptthreadGC-3.dll is either not designed to run on windows ot contains an error

This will be tasty

That was an awesome read congrats this is certainly my favorite RL!!!

Sending away sir ;)

I crash when I click start new game, pretty sure my maps are named too all i did was create a few maps to the south, the maps are:

Thanks :D

Very epic i am wondering how i can change player start location? I placed player start location in my new map i'm making but i think i need to remove the default start location right? I looked around 30,30 x,y but couldn't find it im a bit confused much help appreciated :D 

Working on a mod I will let you know about it :D It's something big im planning hehehehehe

That's amazing o_O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done and happy holidays!

I love you good devs im toupz on discord ahah now i feel like a stalker sorry ;(

Very epic work thanks :D

Nice work can't wait for saving loading tho... I feel its needed in every game

Ilu sweet and thanks ;D

Game looks aweesome

Aww so no steam key for itch buyers?

Cheers man

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah i need

Thank you you just hit my heart with my favorite genre!!!!!! sci-fi :D And rpg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks great, how to buy?

Looks epic agreed!

No worries :)

Nice work ;)

Its awesome already im wondering will there be save soon?

Thank you for this update ;)!

Good Wizards of the code told you it said fish before hehe ;) I guess this is an odd glitch !

Thanks to you two ;) And yes vampire warlock was my best character i remember now hehe

Just rolled a vampire mage and trying to shoot firebolt doesn't seem to work, target: Deer   well nothing happens and i got all stamina

I love this game and i Know its brutal and permadeath which i love, I'm not being against it just wondering if i can survive my best char was nearly level 3 but i forgot how i achieved such thing now i die constantly before reaching level 2 maybe i go too fast hehe, any tips appreciated. Perhaps i need to take my time to do things and when exploring ;o

Wooot ;)

Did some testing it is when i attack amazone npc with melee sometimes im spammed

THis is when encountering amazone sometimes the game spams me with this all i do is walk around and amazone is not next to me but visible on screen 

It's like the weapons are made of plastic lol, does it get better with better gear? The durability or how it breaks?

Thanks ! :)

Sweet thanks ;)!!!

I found a cabin by some road i want to close the door to rest ;o

It's fixed woot ;) you rock!!!

No worries :)