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Thank you very much!! I hope you like it!! 

Will do! Looking forward to more updates! :)

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I've just played it, and I liked from the new features, including the soothing music. :)

The characters and the settings feel more alive, specially Deka, haha! But anyway, the way he lifts up his arms while he's blushing is very cute looking. The music that plays when you're hanging around with him is very nice and pleasant to hear. <3

I also liked how you can customize your character but I'd be interesting if it there were options to make your MC more effeminated or emasculated for both genders, and be able to change your character's appearance during the story.

Some more suggestions (if possible):

- "Kiss"/"Hug"/"Sex"/"Hold Hands"/"Ignore"/"Argue"/"Break Up" type of options and "I Love you"/"I love you as a friend"/"My plaything"/"Not serious"/"Friends with benefits" type of routes, allowing you to:

~ Just be friends with one of three NPCs and attempt to date one of the other two characters;

~ Obey your mom's orders by ignoring them all and live your life as usual;

~ Be more intimate with the one NPC you chose and engage into a relationship with them, accepting all risks;

~ Date the one NPC you chose for some time and then part ways with them, obeying your mom's orders;

~ Be a "very rude" perverted and manipulative person and date and/or have sex with all the three NPCs, one character at time (I always found funny how the MC is so polite with everything);

~ Not have a serious relatonship with the NPC you chose but at the same time you're both open to a deeper intimacy and friendship between each other.

- Go deep in Deka's subplot about "the Created" and also subplots related to racism, alternative reality and "the Unsight gift"(sp?) and the supposed "rivalries" between mosters;

- Make the MC have more than one personality.

Whew, that's pretty a laundry list of suggestion, haha. But I hope they help you folks somehow. I'm looking forward for more progress and how the new content will turn out to be. Have a nice week. :)