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I enjoyed both the games but never found the hidden third one, which is a shame.  I think this would have benefited from allowing both players to be controlled at once, like with one on wasd and the other on the arrow keys or something.  I found with both games I just parked one guy on the A button and used the second one exclusively.  Allowing them both to be moved simultaneously would bring some extra cool depth of the games.

I found the bullet noise in Galaxy Gunner to get a little grating after awhile, which was a shame because all the music and all the other sound effects were excellent.  

I also really liked how if you jumped over the flag and then hit it from behind !Mario would moonwalk off the stage.  That might be a bug, but it was a fun one!

Haha yeah the moon walking thing was a bug and I wanted to keep it because it was pretty neat but I had to remove it to fix a different issue.

Thanks for the feedback and if you do wanna play the secret level you just have to beat both the games, they're easier now and I reckon the bonus level is worth it.