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The new build is live. Please download version 0.9.1 and let me know if it fixes your problems. Thanks again for buying the game!


OK Thanks a lot ! As a fellow developer : please think about your health and don't stress too much about user reports! There are no expectations that you would fix it, let alone in 10 hours. Don't get me wrong: it's  great from my point of view but put yourself first ;)

Haha, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. I don't usually respond quite that fast but I happened to be literally working on the game when your bug came in. It only took me about two hours to do a little research and then get a fix and build up. 1366x768 is still a pretty common resolution so it was important to me to make the game work at that size. I hope you enjoy the game!

Yes I'm with my little nephew and it looks like lots of fun! And very pretty too.