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Hi scribblefingers! Thanks for visiting and telling me your thoughts! 

I'm very happy to hear your report of the bugs; I'll take note of this walking sfx and I will fix it in the complete version (I put more than 1 sfxs at times for an effect of more than 1 person walking, but since they overlapped, I'll just put 1 later :S) 

As for the music, it could be because I put more than 1 at times (ambiance + music) so I think the control got confused o.o; thanks for pointing this out! However I might not be able to fix it immediately since I rarely twiddle with the options control. So you might want to mute or lower the music through your laptop's sound control panel for the time being,  but I'll see what I can do!

And yes, Bermuda is certainly much more slow paced than Winged Ones so I suggest you to take your time and don't read it until dawn like a few of my readers >_<;

I'm glad to hear you like the story so far though :'3 it's going to be a very long one though so I hope you'll be patient and walk beside me through the whole story ><

See you again in the future!