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I really enjoyed Nusantara: The Winged Ones and finally got around to trying out the demo of Bermuda! By the end of it I was so looking forward to the full thing but I will admit that I struggled with the story until they actually got to the Lost Island. It was like "hey here's an amazing massive hole that appeared and loads of spiritual stuff is happening!" and I'm like "cool! show me more!" but first.. let's go through the daily life of a girl for a week... for an hour or so... and I get that it's an opportunity to show the male leads and how much she loves her family but some of it was so painfully boring that I just gave up reading and sped through. Felt like the pacing was just a bit too slow, especially knowing what was coming next and wanting to get there (and when we did, I was so pumped!).

Loved Sarah, her dad and the boyfriend, whose name I forget. Really interesting characters and they help flesh out "Maya" and her situation a bit more. Also, Maya's dad is too sweet for words! And the scene with the lunch boxes and the forgotten wallet almost made me tear up. Loving Guntur the most out of the 3 choices currently. I'm sure Arya will grow on me once I get past his wall a little bit, and poor Kah'lil just seems like a cute younger brother lol! I'll do his route just to see what he's like, but Guntur has first dibs. A strong, dependable guy with a cheeky side? On it! Oh, and he COOKS!

And the Goddess, dang, she's hilarious. When she opened the hole I could just remember Tamara being thrown into a lake! I liked that honorable mention :D I'm also wondering if that piglet is going to show up anymore - cute sidekick? Stalker who steals things?

Bugs: I had the music off but sometimes it would play. It was a bit jarring because I had two instrumental tracks then going at the same time (my own playlist + the game). Also, I don't know if sometimes the footsteps were meant to be fast? At the start they were about walking pace and sounded great but then later they came really close together and the tempo was totally off. I had to race through the text until it stopped. Turning off the sound didn't turn off the footsteps even when they appeared later in the game. Otherwise, everything worked fine as far as I'm aware.

Great job - thank you for your hard work! Can't wait for the full thing *squee*

Hi scribblefingers! Thanks for visiting and telling me your thoughts! 

I'm very happy to hear your report of the bugs; I'll take note of this walking sfx and I will fix it in the complete version (I put more than 1 sfxs at times for an effect of more than 1 person walking, but since they overlapped, I'll just put 1 later :S) 

As for the music, it could be because I put more than 1 at times (ambiance + music) so I think the control got confused o.o; thanks for pointing this out! However I might not be able to fix it immediately since I rarely twiddle with the options control. So you might want to mute or lower the music through your laptop's sound control panel for the time being,  but I'll see what I can do!

And yes, Bermuda is certainly much more slow paced than Winged Ones so I suggest you to take your time and don't read it until dawn like a few of my readers >_<;

I'm glad to hear you like the story so far though :'3 it's going to be a very long one though so I hope you'll be patient and walk beside me through the whole story ><

See you again in the future!