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Ohmygod I loved it so much!! AKjfjfdhoij!!! First of all I really love the art like gosh dang, the color choices are amazing, its very aesthetic. The characters are so lovable I just I LOVE THEM ALL. I honestly can't wait for part 2, I'm so hyped. I can't even explain how much I enjoyed it and as an artist myself I can relate 150% relate to the protagonist.  This deserves to be on Steam when It's done. I really can't wait for what your guys' game has in store.

Aaah thank you! We're really happy you like it and that the protagonist is relatable!
We don't have any Steam related plans right now but maybe when the full game is done. 
It'll still be a bit longer until the second half is done but we hope you'll enjoy that too once it's released!

Thanks for playing <3