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Jesus Christ, I've been following your game and it's progress for 4 years (I finished your other Nusantara game 4 years ago and I absolutely loved it, I inhaled all the routes inhumanly fast) The fact that you're almost done with it fills me with an emotion I can't explain but I am so proud of you!! I haven't commented on any of the updates recently cause I have the attention span of a goldfish but I did see your update about you getting married!! Congrats! (You looked absolutely gorgeous in your wedding photos 馃挄)

Anyways, I'm so ecstatic to see the end result of your hard work. And I hope these past 4 years have been treating you well!! Thank you for taking me on this journey with your memorable characters and storylines, and thank you for inspiring me to make my own dating sim/visual novel <3

Sksksk I'm so pumped for this game, the dragons are hecka beautiful!! And Congrats!! So proud of you :))


Oh boi, do I feel honored that I made you blush xD heck your game made me a blushing mess! <3  and thank you! I hope you have a nice day

This is legitly the best game I have played. EVER. The art and the dialogue was just beautiful and just how you captured their personalities so perfectly is amazing, just beautiful. I am so happy that this game exists thank you for that amazing experience and I can't wait for what you have in store next!! I wish you the best of wishes!

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Ohmygod I loved it so much!! AKjfjfdhoij!!! First of all I really love the art like gosh dang, the color choices are amazing, its very aesthetic. The characters are so lovable I just I LOVE THEM ALL. I honestly can't wait for part 2, I'm so hyped. I can't even explain how much I enjoyed it and as an artist myself I can relate 150% relate to the protagonist.  This deserves to be on Steam when It's done. I really can't wait for what your guys' game has in store.