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I didn't play long (around 45mn right before going to work :s) but I'm already charmed !

However there are some little change that could really improve the flow :

-Could you set up a key to activate a "running" mode instead of holding shift ? or maybe speed up the base walking speed ?

-Is it possible to use the cancel key to continue a dialog(because pressing accidentally the key at the end of a long dial and having to cycle it again is kind of a pain >.>)

-Like the other two it's a user friendly suggestion but, in the menu can you make it possible to go from the upper option to the down while pushing "up" instead of having to use the "down" key multiple time ?

And one thing who is a little more on the serious side :

-LGD use around 65% of CPU... that's quite a lot (even skyrim doesn't use that much.. >.>) is it a particularity of the engine  or the problem lie within my computer maybe ?

Anyway, Congratulation on the EA release ! (i'm seriously hyped, as much as i am with "Crosscode", if you don't know, take a look at it)

Hi there! Thank you so much for taking the time to give us feedback.
- We agree with the base walking speed being a bit slow, and we are working on that (which will speed up the "running" speed as well).
- Regarding the use of the cancel key to continue and allowing the up and down button go all the way around: That's a very good point, as this happened to us as we were testing the game as well.

Thanks for reporting the performance issue, we will look into it! (And yes, I'm a fan of CrossCode, I can't wait for the full release)