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Hey! Its me again! I was just now trying to load up the game to see if it would work yet but it still didn't work. Last time I talked to you you said it was a problem with the engine. Is there a new update i need to download or are you still waiting?

Well the new update for the engine is already installed on my pc, I could update this game to the latest version but I now found out it's still occurring for some users. You see, Courage's Curse, my latest game, is using the latest version yet I'm still getting a few comments saying the same D3D error problem. I looked it up and found out it's most probably a computer problem than the engine. They said a solution for laptops is to unplug (or was is it plug in) the charger to your laptop to fix the problem, if that doesn't work or if you're using a desktop pc, then it's most probably the computer and I can't do anything about that unfortunately. :/

OK! Thanks for the tips :D