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OK! Thanks for the tips :D

Hey! Its me again! I was just now trying to load up the game to see if it would work yet but it still didn't work. Last time I talked to you you said it was a problem with the engine. Is there a new update i need to download or are you still waiting?

You do realize that DanTDM, the famous you tuber actually made a video on your game recently. You should check it out, I found it while searching the web for this game.

Its cool. Thanks so much for the support though! I watched some game play you tube videos  on this game and it totally rocks!  You should make this game on different areas, like maybe you could make one about 3 am at McDonald's, or something and you could use Ronald McDonald as the monster.

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Nope. It still didn't work. The error code was Error:0x887A0006- 'HUNG'. Suggestions? Btw i just went and checked, and my PC is a 64 bit. But neither versions work. They both get the same error code. 

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Hey Dave. I downloaded the game and i got the same issue as GamesANDFrames1. Btw i was using 64 bit. Should i try 32? You can reach me easier by my email, which is