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I DID have fun! You made a great Bitsy RPG!

Some light bugs i found (spoilers alert):

•Retrying after Death Town leads to fight against troll again. Unfair!

•After defeating the fog, edmund comment appears without "EDMUND:" mentionned.

•I know you gave up in the end... But going to Rignis leads to the left on the map, and to the "right" in reality, through fog and beyond (no turning in fact, just going upon instead of turning)...Maybe it was easier for you to make fight screens this way?

Wish this could help :)


Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the death town was on purpose :)

I'll try and fix the Edmund thing 

Yeah, I will admit, the map is a bit messed up. When I got to creating the map, I realized that making Rignis on the map would bleed into the mountain range, and that would look weird on the map screen. I didn't want to redo anything, (so tired of the game at this point) that I just left it alone. 

Glad you had fun! 

Thanks for the feedback.