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Oran's a little d*ck. Love the game tho :)

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Very poetic :)

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This is so cool! How do you get extra colors for your games? I love the style it adds!

EDIT: Oh wait, I saw it in the description. Nevermind! Cool Game tho

Thanks man!

This is the most creative Bitsy game I've ever seen! Do you mind if I take sum of yur art for a game Im doing? It's an RPG

Hmmm, well I learned that Hercules saved 'em, but all these different stories, It doesn't really matter. The game was great!

I LOVE greek myths! Although I feel like you switched some stuff around, lol

Thanks, I really appreciate it, but unfortunately, my computer wont run any of these files, to my knowledge. Chromebooks are pretty garbage when tying to do anything, lol. I hope it helps other people tho :)

Did you JUST make a loading screen or am I missing something

Hey dude, I've tried to use the exit from dialogue hack for weeks now, and I haven't been able to do much of anything. I've tried the hack website, but I honestly can't make heads or tails of what it's even talking about. I would really appreciate it if you would teach me how to do it, or link me to something that would explain it better. Thanks! :) 


Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the death town was on purpose :)

I'll try and fix the Edmund thing 

Yeah, I will admit, the map is a bit messed up. When I got to creating the map, I realized that making Rignis on the map would bleed into the mountain range, and that would look weird on the map screen. I didn't want to redo anything, (so tired of the game at this point) that I just left it alone. 

Glad you had fun! 

Thanks for the feedback. 

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Yeah, I really had nothing for them to say except for, "hey, let's go this way" just in a different way. Completely unrelated, but who was your favorite character? Mine was Corbin, but my brother says Ritchie..  Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! My favorite part was the heroes, and battling was VERY hard to make, and I kind of gave up near the end. *Hint hint, Serpent fight*. I actually really enjoyed making this game, it took about two weeks, and gave me some ideas for future games. Thanks for the comment!

This was really cool! I liked the art for the vase and the mean dog.

Wow, I love how much time, effort, and personality you put in your games. It's really refreshing to see little 8 pixel tall  characters with so much witt, or kindness, or anything really. you're great :)

Thank you so much! What do the x and y mean, is that the sprite value?

Hey Empha, I'm having a really hard time on this game i'm currently making, and I'd really appreciate your help. I tried out your hacks, the ones that make you warp to a different room via talking to sprites, but I can't make heads or tails of the written explanation. I'm a huge fan of your work, and it would really mean a lot if you explained how to use it, and I'm sure you could help other people too. 

Thanks, that's really nice.



Hi Sam


Oh my god I think I found the reference to Little Duck's Big Adventure! 

Amazing game! The only thing I'd change would be to, when you walk up to the Godzilla sprite in the last room, make an exit to an identical room where a baby godzilla sprite is placed. Then you could add the exit in that room, so it looks like you  gave godzilla her baby. :)

Oh my god thank you so much! You really are the best. I played all your games the other day and got really inspired! I loved Hell and Night Beach.

Thank you so much! After a little bit of looking, I found my missing rooms.  I've finished my game and posted it.

Sorry, i'm still learning. Thank you so much for the feedback! I'll try and make it better next time. Hey, little question, I'm in the process of making a game, and I've ran out of exits. The exits won't reach out to rooms after room z. Any answers? 

ok, it should be good now

Sorry, I'm really new

I swear to god, this is the most amazing piece of work I've ever seen. I have absolutely no idea how you did it. The sheer amount of choices you can make, and the fact that Bitsy is limited to 37 rooms per game, I'm in awe. How did you make it so when you talk to a sprite, it warps you to another room? How did you slow down the animations? I can't even put into words how shocked I am at this amazing game. I don't even know what else to say, except thank you, for letting me play this.