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Thanks! My favorite part was the heroes, and battling was VERY hard to make, and I kind of gave up near the end. *Hint hint, Serpent fight*. I actually really enjoyed making this game, it took about two weeks, and gave me some ideas for future games. Thanks for the comment!

i feel like the serpent fight still felt pretty good haha it just felt like another quirk! (i feel like the only thing that felt a little odd was the times the knights had nothing to say but writing dialogue isnt easy and its not really anything important)
i'm glad you enjoyed making it since it was very enjoyable to play it :D

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Yeah, I really had nothing for them to say except for, "hey, let's go this way" just in a different way. Completely unrelated, but who was your favorite character? Mine was Corbin, but my brother says Ritchie..  Thanks for the feedback!

i'm also most fond of richie xD as soon as they said "shoving the sword up ur ass" i was laughing