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Hi, fellow mac user here :) I've also been having the same thing happen to me where it won't unzip the file. Thank you for looking into it!

Hello, TSharpe, thanks for letting me know. 

If you could send some screenshots of the errors you are getting to the support email address that would be great.

Many thanks

I've just had a thought. 

Apparently, the mac unzip doesn't like spaces in the file name. Now the Heaven's Grave file name doesn't have any spaces, but it does have an apostrophe which some systems don't like in file names. It's also the only one of my game demos to have an apostrophe (and, Desrin, you mentioned all the other BC&T demos you tried had worked), so I thought it was worth a try and changed it.

Could someone for whom it was not working before, give it a try now, please?

It works now!! Thank you so so so much!!!! I never knew about the thing with the apostrophes before; how weird :O

I just sent you an email about this, before I checked back on itch so feel free to disregard it.  The file and game are working properly now as of this moment!  Thanks again!

Ah, I'm so glad it's working now. I'll be sure to file the apostrophe issue under 'things I need to remember for the mac builds' .

I hope you two find the demo enjoyable after all the trouble you guys went to for it! ^_^

Many thanks for pointing out the error and your help fixing it.