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Art and sound design is absolutely beautiful but, for the amount I played, Takoda very much comes across as a one dimensional example of the "Magical Native American" trope. I think you have something great here but, maybe look a bit into how native people are represented in media.


Thanks for your comment. I was kind of afraid it coming across that way although my intention was to have a completely selfless and good-hearted character to have the player come across at different times, a way to balance all the negativity in the world. Also he's not supposed to be Native American but it's so ingrained in our culture it's the first association people make when hearing "native people". Will have to figure a way around this. And I guess I'm a little naive here in my little corner of the world.

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I'm a writer so I might be of help here. o/ Just a little wording can go a long way. My advice is to slip in some annoyance at the beginning when Takoda is being made fun of. Have him turn his back and roll his eyes, then maybe shake it off somehow. This will not only show his intolerance of negative attitudes, but acknowledge colonial perspectives and how some had to put up with it. It'll flesh him out and isn't too much to change.

If I come across Takoda and see any more little nudges to flesh him out, I'll be happy to let you know. However, I know you're a game dev with a lot to do--so I don't want you to feel like players are bossing you around.