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I don't know who to choose!!!! XD

I really like how witty and funny the main character is, she can be so relatable in many ways and I really like the large amount of answers you can choose from that the standard two. It feels more realistic and fun because you can truly mold the character's personality :)

The art is gorgeous and I like how you guys try to keep the language time accurate in a way but still easy to understand :)

Oh yeah, i was wondering, did you name Bastien after Sebastien by any chance? Just wondering ^^

Anyways, can't wait for the release of the full game and all the best of luck! Also, I hope you guys can release on steam too!

- Yangarina

Ps. My favourite scene was the bee one XD

Hello, Yangarina, and thank you for the feedback.  

I’m glad to hear you found the main character funny and enjoyed the choices you had to role-play her (and, of course, the infamous bee scene – which option did you pick, BTW?)  

I actually find it easier in some ways to write in a more formal, old-fashioned style – at least, you don’t have to worry about using modern slang that’s going to be out of date in a couple of years’ time. And, yes, you’re right, Bastien is a contracted form of Sebastien. ^_^


Thanks for playing and I hope you enjoy the full game once it is released