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Will you guys be able to release this on steam? :)

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I don't know who to choose!!!! XD

I really like how witty and funny the main character is, she can be so relatable in many ways and I really like the large amount of answers you can choose from that the standard two. It feels more realistic and fun because you can truly mold the character's personality :)

The art is gorgeous and I like how you guys try to keep the language time accurate in a way but still easy to understand :)

Oh yeah, i was wondering, did you name Bastien after Sebastien by any chance? Just wondering ^^

Anyways, can't wait for the release of the full game and all the best of luck! Also, I hope you guys can release on steam too!

- Yangarina

Ps. My favourite scene was the bee one XD

Hi, I was wondering how i could add Cinderella Phenomenon onto my steam account. I had downloaded it off a long time ago, but now i have steam and I really don't want to lose all my achievements on this game. A forum states that the game needs a steam key if it was downloaded somewhere other than steam. Do i download the game off steam and copy and paste the steam key into the file? Would that work? Thanks!

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This game was amazing with a capital A! The plot is well thought out, creative and the storyline is engaging. I love character development and this game had so much of that and it was all very well paced.

The backgrounds were so intricate and well thought out, such as that painting in the dining room (Which I realised after a long time was the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet. Right?), the toy shop which had a stuffed bear a girl wanted in Waltz's route, etc. I know this is a minor detail but sometimes the clock in the Marchen shows a weird time like during Rod's route when he takes Lucette to the Marchen after she stood up for Queen Ophelia.. I understand you guys can't redraw the backgrounds over and over again and if this came across as rude.. But I just thought maybe you guys wanted to know. It's very unnoticeable and it doesn't ruin anything in the game. Sorry if I came across as rude.. Really...

I liked how every character had a back story of how they've become who they are currently in the game. It feels so realistic. The art was simply superb... I feel like any other game I've played have paled in comparison to this one.

The CGs helped to enhance the mood when playing the game and they really captured each characters' emotions really well to the point I could imagine exactly what was happening.

The music pieces were very fitting in the stories and gave the story more of a 'feel'. Played all the routes once without music at first, the with. I could tell the difference it my emotions straight away. I love the opening video and theme song. I was getting all emotional listening to/ watching it. I would download the song if I could. Also, is it okay if you tell me lyrics?

I played this game without the right choice indicator and got the bad ending for all of the routes at first. I have to say, I was really sad at all the bad endings but I liked them, especially the images. However, the ending that made me cry was actually Rod's Good Ending which felt much more like an open ending... Also, there was one flashback in Waltz's route (where he conjures up the lily) where I teared up. My emotions were going up and with the game as it progressed!

I got really attached to all the characters and (especially in Fritz's route) I felt so depressed when a character died... Varg... I get emotional easily and the game lingered in my mind for a whole day after I finished all the happy and bad ending for everyone (in two days! That just proves how much I love this game and amazingly well made this game was!!!). I've played all the routes again today and I have no doubt I'll keep replaying this game.

I'd just like to point out that I noticed the gallery for achievements that it says Rompel's 'Bad end' is a 'Happy End' (Instead of Rumpel's Bad End, it said Rumpel's Good end.) Someone probably pointed it out already and if someone did, I'm sorry for repeating it...

Karma is officially my ideal boyfriend and no doubt my favourite character with Rod and Waltz following close behind. I've come to like almost everyone character in the game, they were all relatable some way or another and each having their own story.

What Lucette has been through so much in her younger days and 'watching' her 'grow' along the way has made me feel attached to her... She deserves her happily ever after....

I'm sorry if this sounded like some essay (my friends sometimes call me an 'emotionless' writer), but I'm genuinely smitten with this game and I can't wait for any other games you guys make!!! I'm am eternally grateful that you guys set this as 'pay what you want', but to me, it was more like a high quality game worth at the very least $20.

Anyways, if you've bothered to read my boring comment, thank you so much and continue to make much more amazing games like this one!!! XD 11/10

- Yangarina