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Oh gosh, this was a very enjoyable game! I went in figuring I'd probably like Andino because the stoic loyal types appeal to me, so I did Giacomo's route first, and he punched me (figuratively in the feelings, as well as literally). He's such a good and cute example of a scrappy puppy trying to be a wolf, who just wants to be pet, and of course his kiss CG was during [/spoilers]. Wonderfully understated and cute romance.

Also, I loved the writing! The backstory sections were so evocative, they felt like a joy to read whenever they showed up, and they were a great contrast to the liveliness of the present-day story and jazzy tracks. Speaking of those, the audio choices were great, and the little graphics of past-Marco, Giacomo, Andino (AND HOG) were actively adorable.

I'm so impressed you did this all in a month, to boot - this is inspirational, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your writing! (Still need to play Heart is Muscle!)


Aww thank you so much, this is such a sweet comment.

 I'm so glad Giacomo's route came through with the punch in the feels, he might have been a favorite of mine... (Though really I loved writing all the cast, haha)

Thank you so much for playing! :D