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Thank you so much! I hope you'll enjoy the next games as well when they come out :D

Oh gosh, thank you for doing such a comprehensive playthrough and for your observations on all of the things you enjoyed - I'm very glad to see you appreciated the characters and the overall tone of the story! I haven't had enough time to sit down and watch the videos recently, but I'll definitely make a note to do so. Thanks again for playing!

Thank you for sharing your experiences! I'm really quite honored to hear that my game helped you figure out some of your own thoughts regarding femininity, since that's a concept I've always been fascinated by, and always wanted to explore, in the context of love and romance.  (Also, older men who can be soft and supportive are Very Good.)

I hope to write more stories in the future that provide just as interesting approaches to gender roles and character interactions, so I really appreciate your feedback, and I hope you'll enjoy them just as much!

Ahhh thank you! I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed this story and these characters so much - I had a lot of fun writing it as well, especially all of the cute and emotional moments (and Uribel and Yrsa being adorable together). And I hope you'll enjoy the next project just as much! :)

Awww! Thank you so much for saying so 8D

Good lord this game was so cute - the art direction, Coco stickers, backgrounds, and character expressions all sold this as a heartwarming and adorably lighthearted story. (AND THEIR GODDAMN ROOMS.) I also just really enjoyed all of the random conversations with friends and other LIs interspersed throughout the route; it felt really natural and fluffy.

There were some things I noticed about the UI that could be polished, though, and I wanted to list them in case you guys needed feedback for future versions!

  • Whenever dialogue shows up, MC's portrait will show up even if the speaker is someone else. This caused me confusion at the start of the game, when I didn't instinctively know what the MC's name was - so I kept getting the impression that the MC was speaking even when it was Robin or Faye, because her portrait appeared.
  • Whenever character expressions are changing on screen, the entire dialogue box will be cleared for .3 seconds before text/speaker pops in again. This can be distracting, especially when MC's portrait disappears and reappears each time the other character onscreen has an expression change.
  • The "Affection checker" box is great! But I notice that whenever I'm in the affection checker, right-clicking opens the save menu, and closing the save menu keeps me in the affection checker menu. I eventually got used to manually closing the affection checker, but it felt oddly obtuse to me, because I usually assume that right-clicking exits out of any menu I have open.

Good luck on future development of this game! I'd love to see where it goes with the other LIs, especially Nico (that brat).

This game was an incredible experience in "nani the fuck?" - my eyebrows kept going higher and higher as I read on.

I felt as if I probably should've expected something, but I was already so creeped out by Doyle's focus and behavior (and by the claustrophobic way that Leah interacted with all of the characters) that I was entirely willing to believe the "initial" twist. Which, of course, left me open to the real twist - which was the point.

After that, although there were some issues with the UI, once I managed to get onto "Doyle's path" proper it really felt like a fitting way to resolve the story I'd already gotten invested in, so I'm very glad you included the extra endings there as well. Everyone in this story is so complicated that it'll definitely take me some time to think through it, but I really enjoyed the way they were written!

Yessss that's exactly what I hoped to achieve with this game, so thank you for appreciating it! I really like the stories that can be told from different types of female perspectives, especially women who don't fit traditional molds of femininity and love interests who are interested in different dynamics in their romance. All of them still deserve love, and I hope to write more unique relationships going forward!

Oh my gosh awwww! Thank you for the playthrough, and for your excitement at the CGs; I'm very happy you enjoyed both the 1st and the kabedon CG so much 8D

Aw yiss, thank you for appreciating the big daimon - that'll be something also explored a little more in the next game :D And I'm very happy the characters' personalities and the romance felt natural!

Thank you very much! I'll work hard to make the next game even better :)

Thank you! Different elemental ishim tend toward different personalities, but individuality does still play a part - hopefully I'll be able to show that soon. :)

Oh man, thank you! I really loved writing Uribel as well, as a warm and calm character who could be adorable in his own way. I'm glad you liked Yrsa too, and I hope to have more projects out soon! :)

Okay, I saw this and couldn't not play it. It's hilarious and adorable and made me feel for all of the snakesss in under 1000 words, AND created a mystery/puzzle that took some thought to work through. Very nice small experience!

Oh my gosh, this was actually adorablE?? I didn't know much about the background legend beforehand, but the characters' banter with each other really pulled me in and made me sympathize with all of them. Even if Addie was ridiculously out-of-place in their kingdom, she somehow works out weirdly well with everyone.

I especially like Pedro's uneasy mix of "Oniisan" and "no, literally, I will stab you if you even think about causing harm to anyone" - he's just such a good big brother, and it's clear that his role weighs on him. But Diego and Juan are both incredibly sympathetic in their own ways, and Diego is pretty as heck. I really liked this game and I'd love to see the full version (so I can actually properly date Pedro)!

I finished playing both routes! This is a very nicely polished game, and I love the detail and effort taken to make the BGs fit the aesthetic. The voice acting and art were both highlights of the game - everyone's voice fit their character very well, and having the voices showing up where they did definitely accented the writing. (Also, I appreciate Michael being dorky and blushy, and his ridiculous outfits.)

Awwww - that's lovely to hear, thank you for enjoying it so much!

Thank you! I'm very happy to hear that the lore and character designs drew you in; I'll do my best to make the next games exciting to read as well!

Aww! Thank you for your appreciation - I'm glad you liked both Yrsa and Uribel!

Thank you for covering Yrsa Major, and for looking forward to future games!

Aw yiss, thank you! Those were some of my favorite CGs as well, and I'm very glad my unconventional MC choice was enjoyable to read about. I hope to have the next game ready to show soon!

hehehe (yes, I love those small moments of affection too!)

Thank you for showing appreciation for the characters and worldbuilding! The other elements of ishim will appear in the next game, Heart Sigil Elchemia, and their designs will definitely be varied :D

Thank you! 8D I'm glad you were able to enjoy the story even though it wasn't very self-insert-able, and that I could design an older LI who was enjoyable to read. I'm also trying to slowly go through all of the jam games over the next few days, so good luck to us both!

Awww, thank you! I'm very glad you enjoyed Yrsa's character, and I hope that my future MCs will also be as compelling 8D

Thank you! I hope it won't disappoint either :)

Ahhh thank you for saying so! I'm glad to hear that the story and relationship read as natural, and that the sprites conveyed nuance appropriately. This is great feedback for future projects!

Being An Old, I did not expect to like this game as much as I did, but wow, the memes got me. (As did MC's default attack AND defense being "throw her arm at it!")

I also totally have a soft spot for Jeff now, for some damn reason - memelord guys in sunglasses who actually have skills are my jam, apparently?

I read all the way down to the bottom and was extremely disappointed to find no download link available :< Really looking forward to checking this out when it's launched!

This was a very interesting read, and I was impressed by the writing in the lore and the aesthetic. It felt like there was room for a lot more story here, though, especially to give more time for the characters to breathe. Is this game part of a bigger world, or meant to be a standalone?

"yeet them into the sun" hahaha! I definitely agree that this type of idealism can come off as annoying or ignorant, so I'm glad to see that you didn't dislike it here. And thank you for appreciating Yrsa's hair! I really enjoyed designing her aesthetic, and her character was also fun to write.

Oh gosh, this was a very enjoyable game! I went in figuring I'd probably like Andino because the stoic loyal types appeal to me, so I did Giacomo's route first, and he punched me (figuratively in the feelings, as well as literally). He's such a good and cute example of a scrappy puppy trying to be a wolf, who just wants to be pet, and of course his kiss CG was during [/spoilers]. Wonderfully understated and cute romance.

Also, I loved the writing! The backstory sections were so evocative, they felt like a joy to read whenever they showed up, and they were a great contrast to the liveliness of the present-day story and jazzy tracks. Speaking of those, the audio choices were great, and the little graphics of past-Marco, Giacomo, Andino (AND HOG) were actively adorable.

I'm so impressed you did this all in a month, to boot - this is inspirational, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your writing! (Still need to play Heart is Muscle!)

ahhhhh thank you! I'm so happy you liked both the characters and the worldbuilding - making sure Yrsa and Uribel were enjoyable to read was a major focus (soft bois forever), as was designing a world that people would want to see more of.

I'll do my best on the next title as well!

Awww! I'm very glad that even without being 100% into the love interest from the start, the story and characters were able to hook you. Animation is also one of my main artistic inspirations, so knowing that it worked here is great to hear. Thank you! I hope to have more games soon :)