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This game is currently on hiatus while I focus on other work, but I expect to come back! In the meantime, feel free to enjoy the current demo or my other finished games :)

Awww thank you very much for saying so! Full disclosure, I cried myself the first time I really went through that one scene, so I'm just glad that it wasn't just me and it really can touch other people as well hahaha

I'm doing well and still working on stories I want to share with the world, so no worries there (even if my dev output has been lacking recently). Thank you again for enjoying this game!

Thank you for clarifying! That's great to know, and means I don't have to choose between having music and having voice.

Hi! Quick clarification about a nsfw topic; for voice acting used in a nsfw scene, would repetitive sounds of vocalizations, moans, etc. count as one voice actor, or as "background noise"? Does it depend on whether the sounds are repeated or single-use, or on whether the game also has dialogue independent of vocalizations?

Awww thank you so much for your kind words! I'm glad that you gave this game a chance and ended up enjoying their story so much, and yes, I think that final night hug scene was one of my favorite scenes in the game as well to write. They absolutely will be fine, and I hope that whenever my next release happens (... someday...) it'll be just as emotionally touching for people!

I have! That's interesting, although I didn't realize my game was so similar in tone :o

Awwww thank you! lol, I'm so glad my game about my own Very Specific Favorite Character Types has been able to reach a non-traditional VN reader as well, and that you're excited for the next story in this universe. I'm very slowly working towards it (it's a far bigger project than before), but I hope you'll come back and read it once I have more of it out as well!

Thank you very much for both your rating and your thoughts! I'm really glad Yrsa has been such a relatable protagonist, and I really do think it's worth telling stories with less common main character types (I also like fantasy worldbuilding, so I hope the next game will also pay off with the daimon details :D )

Thank you so much for appreciating the demo (and Eguze)! I have a ways to go yet, but I love all of these characters and absolutely want to do their stories justice in the full game, so I'll do my best to make that happen :D

Thank you! (And honestly, you were right earlier about not overworking, so thank you for THAT as well even though I didn't listen until it was late)

Anyway I fully expect you to yell at me for at least ONE plot twist in chapter 4 :D

Ahhh thank you! I think mine might also be a cautionary tale of how too much work ethic could have negative results, admittedly - but I've been very glad for your support and appreciation of this story, and I hope that future releases will be ones I can proudly show off again :D

thank you for your support and patience! :)

Thank you so much for giving your story! When I came up with the concept for Yrsa Major, a significant part of it was drawn from my experiences of feeling like there was One Right Way to be considered a woman, and I wasn't fulfilling it. (I also completely understand the experience of looking at pretty women's shoes and sighing, because big square feet.) So I wanted to put a little of my feelings into this story and push it out there for whoever needed it, but wow, I hadn't expected it to be so on-the-nose for someone else's experiences.

(Thinking about it, Yrsa probably DOES just buy men's boots, or gets them tailored/alchemized to fit her size if she has some extra income... but would she, considering how much of her money goes towards helping the village......)

Hearing that it resonated with you so much is really humbling, honestly. It also makes me feel like I definitely need to keep moving forward with stories of "women who feel like they're bad at being women and who are still worthy of love". But that aside, you'll definitely see Yrsa and Uribel again in the next game in this universe, Heart Sigil Elchemia! I hope that the future stories I tell can be just as cathartic to you and others who may need them :D

Awwww thank you for your appreciation of their story! It was definitely one that I felt strongly about writing, especially since so many stories tend to make one party change who they are in response to trauma, and I wanted to go the absolute opposite direction. I've been very glad to see everyone enjoying it so much!

I also just loved putting all of the cutest unconventional NPC tropes I could think of into this, so I'm glad they stood out 8D I loved writing Marcia as well as Olayn - maybe I just like writing old people who don't give a shit? But yes, sometimes we just want a cute and healing story, so I'm glad I was able to provide!

Excellent, thank you for checking it out! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the way the MC's written, and I hope to have a longer demo out soon. :)

Writing stories is just hard in general, admittedly, but I'm always very happy to hear that people have engaged with my story in ways that've helped them :D

I'm planning for Heart Sigil Elchemia to be paid eventually, given the scope of work that will need to go into it, but I'd like to release a pretty significant amount of content in either the extended demo (or even a full-ass free route) before that happens! So keep an eye out :o

Ahh, I'm glad you were able to see some of your own experiences in this game! Strength and vulnerability is always complicated to express, so I wanted to write a story/game that provided a safe place to explore it. Thank you for your kind words!

Awww thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed their story :D

Thank you! I use the Naninovel plugin for Unity. It's default $150, but is frequently on sale for 50% off, so keep an eye out.

Oh, dammit - I guess that makes sense based on the implementation I went with. Thanks for letting me know! I'll take another look at the NVL sections for the next demo version.

Thanks for the feedback! It does sound like that's the direction most people want to go in, which is good because I've already written the common route chapters and just need to edit them, lol <_<

Thank you very much! Haha, I absolutely loved making this, and I hope my next games will be just as refreshing.

Thank you so much for appreciating their relationship! I had a lot of fun writing Yrsa's gruff strength and Uribel's kindness.

And the answer to your question is both, actually :) I've just released a demo for Heart Sigil Elchemia, the main game of the series, where some familiar characters will make a reappearance. If you'd like, check it out and let me know what you think!

Thank you! And yes, you do :D

Hahaha thank you, I'm glad you liked Frey!

Awww thank you for loving Eguze! His route is very involved, but I'll try to make it as good as I can!

Frey is a Lot and so is [spoilers] :D

Thank you for the appreciation again - I'm glad that each of the characters came off as realistic, and that the art and presentation looks good!

Thank you! It's really nice to hear that the small details like sounds and visuals are paying off, and that the characters are appealing.

Late-2023 is my current estimate! Unfortunately I don't have a better timeline than that because there's a lot of work and time left, but I'll definitely keep everyone updated with devlogs and my newsletter.

I'll prioritize it highly :D

The sneak peeks are a bit of a way to show parts of the romance routes without including too much in the demo, so don't worry about being spoiled about the story - they're mostly there to pique curiosity! But I understand if you'd rather experience the romances fully.

Thank you for continuing to love these characters! :D

Thank you very much for the in-depth analysis! I'm glad that the differences between the characters are apparent, and that the plot and time spent on characters felt well-balanced.

Thank you so much! I actually really appreciate you saying so about the NPCs; I tend to enjoy throwing small character tidbits in there outside of the MCs, so it's good to know they were appealing as characters. I hope you'll enjoy the next one as well!

Thank you so much! I hope you'll enjoy the next games as well when they come out :D

Oh gosh, thank you for doing such a comprehensive playthrough and for your observations on all of the things you enjoyed - I'm very glad to see you appreciated the characters and the overall tone of the story! I haven't had enough time to sit down and watch the videos recently, but I'll definitely make a note to do so. Thanks again for playing!

Thank you for sharing your experiences! I'm really quite honored to hear that my game helped you figure out some of your own thoughts regarding femininity, since that's a concept I've always been fascinated by, and always wanted to explore, in the context of love and romance.  (Also, older men who can be soft and supportive are Very Good.)

I hope to write more stories in the future that provide just as interesting approaches to gender roles and character interactions, so I really appreciate your feedback, and I hope you'll enjoy them just as much!

Ahhh thank you! I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed this story and these characters so much - I had a lot of fun writing it as well, especially all of the cute and emotional moments (and Uribel and Yrsa being adorable together). And I hope you'll enjoy the next project just as much! :)

Awww! Thank you so much for saying so 8D

Good lord this game was so cute - the art direction, Coco stickers, backgrounds, and character expressions all sold this as a heartwarming and adorably lighthearted story. (AND THEIR GODDAMN ROOMS.) I also just really enjoyed all of the random conversations with friends and other LIs interspersed throughout the route; it felt really natural and fluffy.

There were some things I noticed about the UI that could be polished, though, and I wanted to list them in case you guys needed feedback for future versions!

  • Whenever dialogue shows up, MC's portrait will show up even if the speaker is someone else. This caused me confusion at the start of the game, when I didn't instinctively know what the MC's name was - so I kept getting the impression that the MC was speaking even when it was Robin or Faye, because her portrait appeared.
  • Whenever character expressions are changing on screen, the entire dialogue box will be cleared for .3 seconds before text/speaker pops in again. This can be distracting, especially when MC's portrait disappears and reappears each time the other character onscreen has an expression change.
  • The "Affection checker" box is great! But I notice that whenever I'm in the affection checker, right-clicking opens the save menu, and closing the save menu keeps me in the affection checker menu. I eventually got used to manually closing the affection checker, but it felt oddly obtuse to me, because I usually assume that right-clicking exits out of any menu I have open.

Good luck on future development of this game! I'd love to see where it goes with the other LIs, especially Nico (that brat).