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So, I really want to like this a lot. I love the art style, atmosphere and the tension of the gameplay but there isn't a lot that is communicated to the player. I don't even know if the room I kept going into was the end of the game or not, but I couln't find anywhere else to go. Exploration seems to be heavily punished with what seemed to be a lives system, but I'm not entirely sure on that either, and the fact that you're indirectly bound to the charge platforms. I may have been completely wrong on a lot of things, but those were my first impressions. Like I said, I want to like this, there's some cool stuff going on, but what's here left me confused and frustrated.


Thanks for taking the time to make a full video, all the complaints you had were fair.

We had to cut the game short, it was submitted 6 minutes before the deadline. The collisions in the level were made within the last 2 hours of the jam, so that should tell you we were really pushing to get it done. XD

There is no lives system, you regain your light if you run out normally, but if you do while being chased by the enemy it's game over. And you did reach the last room, it's a fixed game over. That wasn't the intention at first, unfortunately that was a compromise we had to make.