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This game is actually a ton of fun and I'm really glad to see this classic style of survival horror done justice. I can't wait for that September release! Have you considered the inclusion of Japanese voice acting with Eng subs? I'm super down to have that included with the game if possible! If you'd rather watch than play, check out my experience here: 


Actually, there were plans to include that indeed (Japanese dub)
Since the voice of Alisa is done by a native Japanese person. (my girlfriend XD)
So the main characters in the game would stay the same actor/actress.


That's awesome man! I hope it comes but definitely no issue if it can't be done. I'm super excited to hear some more from Pol, the voice acting from him is excellent and hilarious too. There's a lot of fun to be had in Alisa and I can't wait for that September release :)

hehe thanks! : D Yea can't wait to have it all finished!