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Making food was fun, kinda makes me wish there was more of that :P

Thanks for making games!

The outside of the house is terrifying. Who would live in this house?

Thanks for making games!

Surreal experience. Makes me wonder what was going through your head when you decided to make this. 

Thanks for making games!

Get me in there Chief.

This is a great little game. It's a slow burn and the exploration might not be for everyone but it does have some cool ideas and the concept is solid. I have some ideas about what's actually going on but it's left kinda vague for interpretation if you enjoy that. 

My only real complaints are the slighty too slow movement speed and that the gaps between scares are filled with nothing but the noise of the motor going "rerrr rEErr RErrre". 

Thanks for making games!

This game had some cool surprises. The addition of combat is great and I'm glad you're experimenting with stuff. I had a bit of a bug with the first door release tool after the ghost puzzle and had to restart.

I think the biggest issue with this game is that key items are easy to miss because they don't stand out in any way. They add a ton of play time just looking around when they're usually right in front of you.

Thanks for making games!

This is awesome! I wish it was a little longer but that's because I'm selfish. I'm sure this was a ton of work. I noticed you left the ALS debug camera on but maybe it's intentional? 

Thanks for making games!

This game starts off okay but the darkness is a bit too much for an area with no environmental clues on where to go and a power box that is hidden behind a tiny path that you can't see unless you hug the wall all the way around the map. It's hard to maintain any immersion when you're frustrated from walking around the same area for several times the total games length. 

If you know what to do this game is a minute long so the majority of your game time will be looking for a tiny path in the dark. 

The payoff isn't great either. 

Why are we living here? Why is this happening to us? Why don't we have a flashlight? Why wouldn't our character tell us where the fuse box is? Doesn't matter.

The game does look great when you can see it. I like the style and sprite work. 

Thanks for making games.

This game is super weird. It's competent in so many ways but lacking in others. For example, the overall design of this game is 'cheap' but the gameplay and understanding of atmospheric horror is completely solid. The movement controls are wacky, and the UI is barely functional sometimes even breaking entirely due to the uncapped FPS but then the animations, cinematography, and sound design are great.

This is a great game that proves gameplay execution is much more important than the quality of assets and graphic design. 

Thanks for making games.

I enjoyed this game a lot but the ending felt a bit rushed and nonsensical. I wish it would have stayed more grounded in reality instead of devolving into a weird psychological(?) thing but the atmosphere is more than enough to call this a great game. 

Thanks for making games!

Chapter 2 is short and sweet. It doesn't provide answers to the questions that I have about what's going on so I'm really hoping we get some of those answers in Chapter 3 but I think the ghost or entity or psychological manifestation is really creepy. It all looks great and I can't wait to see more.

Thanks for making games!

This is honestly a great little game. It's 100% a visual novel with no choices so I can see why some people might have issues with it but it's a completely free experience so I can't imagine why there's so much hate for it in Steam reviews.

The story is a bit predictable and our main character is a bit of a bore so I don't know why the things in this game have to happen to her. Without going into spoilers, I'll just say that it doesn't seem like she would be a target for this kind of thing because it's a bit inconsistent with prior victims.

Still a good game though and the music is great.

Thanks for making games.

This game takes an emotional turn that I appreciate but I do wish it would have had a bit more of a personal touch and made without the use of horror engine. It's hard to take something emotional seriously when it looks and behaves like every other horror engine game. 

Not bad though. Thanks for making games!

I love the tank controls and fixed cameras though some of them could be adjusted. I do think the story was a bit off too, or maybe it was the pacing, I'm not sure. It just seems odd to me that anything is happening to Dave while at his grandmas house, or why the game even started with that as the introduction. I understand that this is a demo and things are subject to change but I think the intro is worth looking over and possibly adjusting.

In my opinion, Daves' mental instability needs more time and buildup for it to be believable to the player. 

Thanks for making games!

I'm not big on creepypastas but this was honestly a great one. I would even say it's better than the original even though it's the same concept just a bit modernized. This game had unexpected consequences and it really adds to the uncertainty of the situation while increasing tension. 

Thanks for making games!

Do not challenge me, I'm a master at this game. I only lose if I decide to lose.

Thanks for making games!

This was great man. It's feels like a departure from your usual style but I'm glad to see the duck is still here. I think the ending where you collect the moths and leave is a bit lackluster. It seemed like such a big deal to Dad that I was hoping something crazy would happen if I released them all. 

Thanks for making games!

Stop gatekeeping horror games. I make horror games because I like horror, but more importantly I make them for everyone to play and enjoy. 

I don't appreciate you telling people with valid health reasons that they shouldn't play horror games. All they are asking for is more transparent warnings in the description and there is nothing wrong with that.

Your stubbornness with this is very odd.

They never demanded anything. The original poster said they 'should' put a warning, not that they 'must' put a warning. 

That's not a demand, it's a suggestion and an important one.

Anyway, the developer already added the warning and I'm sure they're not concerned about any of this.

It's not that serious.

There is nothing wrong with putting a jump scare warning. I'm not even saying that they should or they shouldn't. I'm just saying that some people feel more comfortable knowing what they can expect from the game and that is something that developers can choose to respect or not.  

Requesting that games should have a 'jumpscare' warning is absolutely valid criticism. It's up to the developer to decide whether or not they'll act on that criticism and it seems that they have so it doesn't even matter what we think at this point, I'm not sure that it ever did. 

The sound design of this game is fantastic. I also think this game looks amazing, not just in terms of graphics but in the design of the interiors and the lighting as well. The story is confusing and there are disconnects from immersion caused by the vague objectives and a main character that the player seemingly cannot understand or hope to understand. 

By the end of this game I was wondering if there were AI enemies or anything like that and I'm still not entirely sure if it does. I definitely was scared of the atmosphere but I think it's for the best that I never find out if there were things in the dark or not because that unknown variable is what makes this game as good as it is.

Thanks for making games!

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I don't put super specific warnings on my games (just things that are really important like loud noises or intense flashing lights) but you handled this correctly and it's appreciated. 

Yeah it's a horror game but your players are still people. Some people need to know this kind of stuff so they can avoid playing things that make them uncomfortable.

Not everyone is a horror game enthusiast after all.

Thanks! (:

This is a great little game man! I do wish it was easier to get the multiple endings since it is a pretty long game though. 

The killer is believably dangerous and that really elevates this games atmosphere. So while everything else is pretty simplistic, that alone makes all the difference.

Thanks for making games!

This was a really nostalgic game for me. It reminded me of old indie horror games because of the retro looks and simple gameplay. I hope to see more from you in the future! (:

Thanks for making games!

This was a decently atmospheric game but I do wish I could move a lot faster, maybe like 6 times faster. Though that wasn't an issue for me since I was able to use console commands. I also really liked the hands and their animations. Can't wait to see what else you come up with in the future.

Thanks for making games!

This was a fantastic game. Fun and scary is a tough line to tread but you managed to do it and didn't overstay your welcome. I hope you made it (or make it) far in the game jam.

Thanks for making games!

Quite frankly, I don't think you should be charging for your games yet. I can tell you have potential but there is no way to justify charging $3 for these two episodes. Nothing happened in episode 1 and episode 2 is a PT clone where even the layout is totally familiar.

 There are no original ideas or concepts in this game. The only story in this game is just a means to get the character into the PT house.

I don't know what the other people on this comment section are talking about with their robotic positivity and generalized statements but no one is being honest with you so I'm going to be the one to do it.

You need to make more games or at the very least learn the fundamentals of what makes a good horror game before you charge people for one.


I understand! If you need any help catching typos I'm always willing to help out. I am bilingual so I could even help with translating certain things if you have issues. I'm working on my own games and stuff but you can message me any time on discord or twitter. (:

I'm officially better than ManlyBadassHero. Thank you for letting me prove that through your dialogue system! Anyway, this game was super fun and entertaining the entire way through. I have nothing negative to say except for the occasional typos here and there. 

When the story wraps up and you see how everything unfolded it was an awesome reveal. I personally don't think this game needs a continuation. It's solid enough on it's own that I think it's okay for you to move on to other cool ideas.

Thanks for making games!

I appreciate the growth in your games with the new gameplay mechanics and actual enemies but I do wish you'd do a bit more to change the overall formula. I've been playing your games for over a year and a half now and I haven't really seen any significant changes to your recipe. This is now a bit more of an issue than before since you're charging more for your games.

I still enjoyed this game though.

Thanks for making games!

This was really good fun. I think your ability to build atmosphere is awesome and your attention to detail is solid too. I'm not sure how I feel about the synthwave in the beginning because it doesn't match with the tone of the rest of the game but that's honestly just nitpicking. 

Thanks for making games!

This is a great little game that utilizes Horror Engine to a very great degree. Ultimately, it is a very short game and I wish it was longer. This could be a cool prologue to a bigger game if you decide to go down that route.

Thanks for making games!

This game is spontaneously really competent but also very amateurish and I kinda love it. It's a very, VERY entertaining game and I wish to see it completed. I just hope it doesn't lose that 'amateur' charm it currently has as you become a better developer.

Thanks for making games!

This is a great little arcade horror game. I do wish it was a bit brighter, or maybe not as difficult but it's cool.

This is a great setup to an otherwise pretty tired and formulaic conclusion. I wish there was a bit more to the killer than just a chase because there's so much backstory built up for it to just be another stalker killer. What's the machine? The deal with the things happening behind the scenes? Far more interesting things and none of it explored within the gameplay. 

I really enjoyed The House because it seemed like the beginning of a departure from this overused recipe. Ultimately though, this is a solid game with no real issues to speak of. Just a subjective personal disappointment is all.

Thanks for making games!

This game is fantastic. It nails a ton of things and tackles some pretty heavy stuff tactfully. I do have some issues with how quickly some of the characters formed relationships and the main character contradicting himself a few times but that's honestly nitpicking when you look at the scope of this game and how beautifully crafted it was. 

I wish the villain was what I thought it would be rather than what it became but that's a preference. 

Thanks for making games!

I got this on Steam and was wondering why it's not on itchio. Don't you get more money if people buy it here? I was hoping to support you more this way but I understand if you're trying to get more success by releasing only on Steam. 

This game is really fun and there's a ton of things to do and figure out but I do think the AI is a bit relentless at times. It's really hard to and sometimes frustrating when you're trying to figure out very complex / trial and error key item puzzles while being chased so often. It's like she's everywhere all of the time, and even when she's not, she's hiding in ambushes in front of you constantly.

All that aside, I do think this game is worth the money for all of the content you get. 

Thanks for making games!

This is awesome. It really makes me want to go back and play all the older point and click horror games I used to play when I was younger. 

This was a very surreal experience so going into it with a relatively open mind and willing to let some of your logic brain go idle will do you good. 

I didn't care for the token finding puzzle though. Having to go back and forward detracts from the game a bit by messing with the pacing and serious tone it set at the beginning of the game.

Thanks for making games!

I love this game for reasons that I hope you can appreciate. It takes me back to a time when indie horror games were trying their best. When developers didn't have templates or tutorials to follow and had to work with their own intellectual limitations. 

This game isn't good, but it's hilarious and I wouldn't change a single thing about it. I do hope you were able to learn new things to ensure your next game is a bit better but for anyone to sincerely hate this game, they'd have to be a huge jerk.

Thanks for making games!