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I've gone through the demo so many times. I'm astonished at how many little (and big) details come out of the woodwork the closer I look at the game. There's so much depth here; I'm so lucky to be able to play a game--a demo, I know, but still--that has this much thought in it. The characters feel so raw compared to the characters I usually encounter in otome. Even though there were definitely tropes and cliches as mentioned in the description (it's said to be a parody, after all), the characters all seemed oddly realistic because of the honest and candid ways in which they reacted to the consequences of the tropes. I was amazed at how little changes in the sprite animations completely changed the tone of the dialogue I was reading, and how I reacted to the changes in tone. It almost didn't feel like I was reading, sometimes; instead, it felt as though I were just experiencing this story firsthand, merely interjecting every once in a while--like a dream, rather than a visual novel. It was a really fascinating experience, and I'm suuuuper glad that you're making such a cool game :D But it also leads me to a question: why is Robin not re-nameable? Is she supposed to have a personality separate from the player's? It feels odd to be able to make decisions that seem to completely change the personality of the main character while her name remains pre-set.

There were a few things that bugged me, but ultimately I think my irritation was caused by my own expectations rather than the demo itself. Sometimes it seemed that the player had to be really mean to some characters in order to open additional favorable dialogues with other characters. For example, when I chose the options that caused Ava to say that Cain was really REALLY interested in Robin, those also happened to be the choices that hurt Akio the most. But maybe that's the point: I have to compromise my own values so that Robin can earn his affection... Was this a conscious design choice? If so, it makes sense, and I respect it because to be honest it's a pretty genuine representation of how some people relate to each other by being mean. However, I'm much less interested in Cain's route now. (Or maybe I'm completely overthinking this and the options I chose didn't affect the game in the way that I thought they did!)

There was also an interesting thing I noticed after I chose which character to ask out to the movies. If your affection with the character is high enough (I think... I'm going by what Ava says when Robin has the chance to ask her opinion before The Choice), then during the date, Robin doesn't actually get to choose some of the options. Instead, the otome proceeds without player input and automatically chooses the options that seem to have the better outcome. Why are the choices taken away if the player has gotten the love interest's affection high enough? Is it so that if you weren't able to get the affection high enough before the date, you have a chance to raise it? Or maybe I just messed the game up somehow... It was an interesting change, but I just felt less involved in the ensuing events as a result.

Thank you so much for releasing this demo! I really appreciate what you're doing, and I look forward to what you'll do in the future!!

Thank you so much for your long and detailed comment! We really appreciate the time and care you've put into playing the demo. 

Character authenticity is definitely one of our major concerns, even when the characters are having silly moments, so we're glad you enjoyed them and our take on those tropes. Robin does have her own character--and her own backstory that will come to light in certain routes--which is why her name is fixed. She's an introvert, but also in some ways a people pleaser which is why she can have different choices/reactions based on who she's got her eyes on. Of course she might seem a touch too mutable, but for the sake of giving the player the latitude to shape the story to such an intense degree that's a necessary sacrifice. 

And yes, some characters in the game are at odds with each other and by taking one person's side, you have to snub another. That was deliberate, although we understand wanting to make all the characters happy. (And with Cain in particular, his desire to see Akio be lectured or turned away is because he's unable to do it himself...Akio is legitimately inconsiderate and rude on occasion, but it's up to the player whether they want to tell him off for it or explain things more gently to him.)

And you're correct about the theatre scene changing if you achieve max affection! We wanted there to be a chance for the player to earn more affection to escape the common route bad end, and we also wanted to emphasize that at max affection, the relationship feels more natural and flows on its own. That is a very good point about involvement though, and we'll take that feedback into consideration for the final release. 

Thanks again! Your comment brightened our day. We'll be hosting a Kickstarter soon and if all goes well we'll be releasing the full game by the end of this year, so keep your eyes out! 

Thank you so much for the explanations!!

Concerning the Akio thing though, it kind of seems like the "telling off" options didn't really take into account his own potential viewpoint, so I'm just worried that choosing those options won't lead to a more positive character development for him. You probably intended this, and I only point this out because I'm wondering whether we'll be able to see characters develop without having to particularly focus on them or romance them. For example, when Robin had the option to offend Elliot and thereby have alone time with Gary at the festival, it made me wonder: will we only be able to positively impact the other characters' lives or get to know them intimately by directly romancing them? Was that what you meant by other characters having to be snubbed?

But to be honest, I'm thinking about this too much; the final game isn't even released, so I should cool it and just experience the final release XD

I appreciate the thought y'all have put into the game, and I really respect what you're doing. Thank you !!! :)

No problem! We’re happy you’re so interested in the game. <3

If you choose to side with Cain and get on Cain’s route, it’s true that you will likely alienate Akio to a certain extent, but that’s only because those two characters are directly opposed to each other. If you get on other character’s routes, you’ll have opportunities to interact positively with him still even if you’re not romancing him. Certain characters get along better with certain people than others, you know? So depending on the route you end up on, you’ll have different opportunities and different ways to interact with the other characters.

Ah, that makes sense. Thank you so much!