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Courage was my favorite show growing up and I saw a few opportunities for Easter eggs! I told you about the Bathtub Barracuda and I see that you added it! That's so awesome! More events to incorporate could maybe be Uncle Fred knocking on the front door, seeing the "You're Not Perfect" blue fetus thing as a cutscene after dying, and just before spawning (since Courage sees it in a dream) AND maybe Benton Tarantella can pop occasionally on the TV screen downstairs? Just ideas from the show that could randomly pop to make things different each playthrough. I'm sure there are MANY more possibilities with this game, and there are so many rooms to add Easter eggs in! The shed, the basement, etc. Thanks again for adding the fish!

Oh and I'm definitely gonna keep those ideas in mind for when I add updates to the game. It'll add more replayability like BUNKY and it's random events.

Heck yes! Let me know when you add them! I still need to go “event hunting” on BUNKY