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Nicely done! I'm looking forward to seeing more of this.

Few thoughts:

-As with others, I had trouble figuring out camera movement.

-I really disliked the little sound effect that plays whenever you discover clues. It's super cliched and takes me out of the game. Maybe something a bit more subdued or even nothing at all.

-I wished that the character wasn't telling me the entire story when you find clues. Figuring out a character's history myself is an experience similar to solving a puzzle. Handholding your player through narrative exploration is denying them one more puzzle that they could solve themselves.

-The fonts used for narration/ the item menu are pretty bad. Maybe try to experiment with different ones, as the ones right now remind me of looking at a microsoft word document.

That all being said, the puzzles were the star of the whole thing. There were a few things that stumped me a little bit, but nothing that made me want to quit or give up.

This is some really valuable feedback. We are seriously considering removing the narration now that several players have suggested this, and yes we'll definitely change the fonts in future versions. We are very glad that you like the puzzles, we'll try our best to make the puzzles in later stages even better!