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Well with a release next month it definitely doesn't make that much sense to do another alpha/beta build.

I have to say, playing the Alpha, it is a decent game. I will say I prefer YAGS over it, the romance routes in YAGS were more satisfying. Plus I expected a) more sex, Carlos might not have been having gay sex but he was sexual active and sexually frustrated already so it would have made a bit more sense to me (plus, LOOK at Carlos, if he wanted sex, he could get sex, and a lot of it), b) for his love interests not to all be so damn difficult as people (except Chris, he is a darling). Also would have loved if through a very long and difficult route he could get in Adam's pants; Chris managed!


Yeah, one of the early pieces of feedback from the (closed) beta testing was that the romances were too difficult, so the final game has a difficulty toggle, just like YAGS

There are a few opportunities for sex in ZAGS, but the intent was to convey that Carlos was mostly done trying to turn himself straight through sex with women, but he's still somewhat nervous about sex with men, and you get to help him through that

(Adam is not a route, but there *is* an Adam and Carlos CG in the final game... I'll let you discover what that means for yourself ;) )