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Any estimate on the next release?

If you keep developing it as now, do whatever is more comfortable for you; if you feel that delivering days piecemeal compromises your vision, go day by day. Personally I'll enjoy seeing whatever content you are ready to show as soon as you can show it but what matters most is what you feel is better.

If you are going to transition to a paid format down the line though (e.g. Patreon), you should find a way so you can deliver at least some content in each payment period.

More complex puzzles can be complex to implement. If you are comfortable with the coding, go ahead but otherwise they could eat a disproportionate amount of dev time for the gameplay they will offer.

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Personally I'd focus on moving the story forward. Animation with your rig is just going to make you feel frustrated and ineffectual. Nothing is worse than waiting for hours to get a result you don't like and unlike stills it's much harder to fix animated scenes in post.

Really interesting concept going beyond the classic prison fantasy, solid art. I see you are planning a mix of body types. I am more interested to see where the plot goes which is a compliment:) I think the prison fantasy is being subverted to a very large extent, I'd actually hope there are options among the routes you can take for something more traditional but ofc only if you are comfortable with noncon. Are you planning to get kinky with the sex? The dream sequence with Dr. Kent suggested so.

There is a discord where a lot of gay VN writers hang out, Homotextual Gaming Guild,

You could ask for suggestions there

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That's a plot, not a kink.

As for kinks, I don't think any are particular to a prison game except for noncon, violence and rape (and no, accepting protection from someone in jail in exchange for sex is not consent). I guess bondage wouldn't make much sense (unless it's done by the guards) but BDSM can work, both in a physical and psychological sense. Most of the other kinks could be fitted (e.g. group sex, gangbangs, DP, watersports, fisting, interracial as a kink). You could probably have feminization even (obviously not transformative or cross-dressing but more as in treating someone as female and using female equivalents for their genitals, so more sissification I guess).

As for the plot, I assume there is a clear end in that you will have a limited time frame you stay in prison so it could simply be about surviving for that long. You can have routes depending on who gives you protection (different prisoners or possibly a guard) and then tie those to kinks. Or just have the option to choose no route and just try and stay sane (you could do a sanity subsystem where you eventually just shut down from the trauma as a bad end)

Please don't do prison romance. Keep it rough, keep it filthy. Oh sure there could be routes where someone protects you but let them pimp you out. Beyond that consider making it kinky (but only if you are OK with making it modular, if you are adding kinks you should let players opt out of them).

It's so obvious I just wondered why it's not out there yet.

Can I ask, does it include any NSFW scenes? I've been trying to find out since the Ramos route is the only one I am interested and I'd be willing to get a month of Patreon to check it out but not if it is only more story.

Oh sorry, for PC it worked, it would be right where the Download Key (Not support) is. I guess for android it's different.

If you find the right banner in the Sponsor Database and add your email (and check that you are not a bot before pushing Search) you will get a code AND a download link right next to the code. Click on the download link and the download gets associated with your account. Go in the app and you will find it in your library, install it from there. Launch the game, go to DLC, pick the FULL and add the code there.

Damn those names, lol

I think it would be great for the Kickstarter if we get at least one scene with each love interest, even if it is just a memory/dream sequence.

I remember following Blackgate and while for the first few years it was very interesting (and with a great story) my understanding is that many people stopped supporting it because there was minimal content with the dev effectively just rewriting the same parts again and again and there hasn't been new art in a fair while.

Now what IS there is very good and if you are into furry art, the art is top tier.

They are supposed to have one more update to tell us when it releases, which hopefully will be in the summer.

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As someone who loves games but doesn't look for a challenge . . . you can always cheat? It's not that hard. I mean for the secret ending you would have to set several variables (looking at the file you need to set the values of 14 variables (since excess friendship for adam, steve and tom are separate) which you can do in game with a dev console or just get to last day without dating anyone (since that flag would be checked first) and then save edit that save.

If you want I can post what exactly to do (can we do PMs or do spoiler text here?)

Always play the game at least once as the dev intended since it is their vision but if you still can't get what you want out of it, get creative:) That's my stance on (non-competitive) gaming anyway.

Well with a release next month it definitely doesn't make that much sense to do another alpha/beta build.

I have to say, playing the Alpha, it is a decent game. I will say I prefer YAGS over it, the romance routes in YAGS were more satisfying. Plus I expected a) more sex, Carlos might not have been having gay sex but he was sexual active and sexually frustrated already so it would have made a bit more sense to me (plus, LOOK at Carlos, if he wanted sex, he could get sex, and a lot of it), b) for his love interests not to all be so damn difficult as people (except Chris, he is a darling). Also would have loved if through a very long and difficult route he could get in Adam's pants; Chris managed!

Sure the images look great but so do the images in most of these VNs. The difference here is that the sex itself is also pretty damn solid (not animation, the text describing it, which imo is even hotter) and most importantly the plot and the dialogue is very good. You will not be rolling your eyes trying to skip to the next sex scene. Plus the updates so far have all had a decent mix of plot and sex. Very promising.

Yeah I do expect you guys to finish and I still hope it will be worth the wait but for future projects, you might want to consider working on communicating more often.

I mean there was a kickstarter behind this and they are several months late with minimal updates.

I've been trying to get Nate alone.

The only thing I've seen that is problematic is that in several areas the shading of people's hands seems weird. I'll try to send screenshots in the page you've indicated.

Only seen some obvious WIP disclosures near the end.

Had a few errors but . . . I'm a dirty cheater so it might be me messing with scores.

I do find happiness to be fairly restrictive.

Could you tell us which routes ARE in this build? So we can better test?

Is there a Dan route planned? Judging by the achievements, there seems to be but I am guessing it's not implemented?

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Oh I guess that's the complex part!

I think your issue is with the ctc sound. Find UnRen ( use the executable to decompile Archive.rpa (it's the first option. Go to /game/music. You'll see a tiny file named CTC.mp3. Check if it is the sound that is annoying you. If it is, then back it up somewhere and replace it with an empty file with the same name. So copy it on another folder or simply rename it to CTC-Backup.mp3 and then right click> New>pick any type of document and rename it to CTC.mp3 (make sure you also change the extension). Voila, every time the game calls that music file, it will find an empty file and play no sound

We could modify the script to just not call that file at all but I'd rather not mess with the script.rpy file (if the dev wants to do that for you, awesome) but this is a much simpler way to override things.

You could try and find the sound that is annoying you and replace the file with an empty sound file.

I have to ask, is there any chance for DLC? There are so many possibilities. Ofc it depends on if it is financially viable for the devs but I'd love to see some DLC.

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Pretty clear they said Q1 2021

Honestly I'd like a specific date, even if it's March 31st just so I don't feel the need to pop in here in case he makes an announcement.

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Have you figured out if it is possible to get to the Retired Ending normally? I managed to get it by cheating but I don't see how it is logically possible (since the prereqs for it would get your Starfaced and there is no time AFTER Starface event for you to reduce Purity.

Yeah could have been killing Jon as your initiation.

Check online on how to activate the developer console on renpy and there are tools to decompile the files (and very easily decompile the images if that is all you are after in some games)

Honestly there was a perfectly good point in the game where it should imo have branched out in three paths. You could have gone with Chuck, gone to Abzi's party or continued with Evander. The Evander path could have continued as is (he could die or you could escape together), the Chuck path could either have you leave Manticore with Chuck or just replace Chuck with Evander in the kidnapping part and then there could be an all out evil route (heck perhaps even one where Abzi considers having you replace Soren).

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Should we try to just cheat to get it and see what happens?

Which I did. You get to the point when the call is made, he threatens you without kidnapping Evander, you run out of town. Evander, Soren and Chuck try to contact you but you ignore them and resign to Tad via email. No unlocks

You are right of course that it definitely looks bugged. There are no purity decisions between Starface meeting and after party meeting so you can move your Purity below 10 and enable Retired without cheating.