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Entry #3

Aaaaah!! Theres only three days left of the game jam!!

Needless to say, I pretty much got everything down. I'm out training for xc right now so I haven had much time at all. I'm gettin' my head in the game.

I have finished all the outside tiles, Whitney's face, the dwarf's sprite, and all the music.

As usual, here are the gifs of my progress:

 photo Playtest 5_zpsbeazoddc.gif

 photo Playtest 6_zpsbwzspgxq.gif

And here's the dwarf.

 photo dwarf sprite_zpsqmkj7ccc.png

If you want to check out the music, here's the links:

One is for the title, the other will probably be fore the credits. I recorded my guitar on Garageband at 1 am so bear with me.


-Event the whole game

-draw/map one more area

-draw fullscreen events and title screen

Just four more things. Reached the home stretch!