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The game's great so far! Excellent job on all audiovisual departments.

The game does fall short  on the some of the design choices however. Like being unable to dodge through foes but then having to dodge through an enemy (body part) during the boss battle. Also, the lack of explanation on somethings like the casting system is baffling, I had to check it on the pause menu (aka break the flow of my game) to see how it was done. Also the font choice is the oddest thing; it's a cool font, but I had difficulty reading at many points (especially in the heat of the moment). The cost of stamina for things like sprinting and dodging is also concerning; but I understand such balancing issues are part of the process.

Overall, it's good game with potential, but needs some anti-frustration techniques in its design.

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Thanks a lot for playing!

You can dodge through attacks which the hand swipes, during the boss fight, are. This is the kinda video game logic that I think is usually accepted as fine. Dodging through enemies would remove too much of the difficulty.

Casting is explained when you pick up the Light spell. I made the design choice that tutorial stuff is very non intrusive and you can ignore it, so you must have missed it.

Font will change.

You can level up your endurance which increases your stamina (This is an RPG so your character will get stronger).

Thanks again for playing and for the feedback!